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Military Profile: Stu Zurcher

Like many during the Vietnam War Stu Zurcher was drafted into the military.

Military Profile: Yokohama’s Tom Clauer

Once you’ve served in the military you carry certain traits with you through your life. This is certainly true for Yokohama’s Tom Clauer.

Military Profile: Ryan Bennett

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Ryan Bennett was an aviation electronics technician.

Military Profile: David Dance

David Dance’s military service during the Vietnam War gave him a new perspective on life.

Military Profiles: Kevin Wellnitz

In October of 2013, Kevin Wellnitz fulfilled his desire to use the skills he learned from both the Army and college to purchase a full-service station and tire dealership in Orfordville, Wisc.

Military Profile: Michelin’s Pete Selleck

Michelin North America President Pete Selleck grew up in a military family – with someone serving in every major conflict in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Military Profile: Richard Prigmore

Richard Prigmore currently serves in the National Guard while working in the tire industry. Prigmore was attending a community college when he decided to join the Army.

Tire Dealers and the Military Tire Dealers Recognize the Military in a Variety of Ways

Whether it’s due to personal experience, family history or a sense of appreciation for those who have served, many tire dealers throughout the U.S. make a conscious effort to support military service members and veterans, both locally and nationally.

Military Profile: Andrew Taylor

Andrew “Butch” Taylor joined the Army National Guard while he was still in high school. During training Taylor attended One Station Unit Training.

Military Profile: Mike Shenk

Mike Shenk was supposed to be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. in February 2002. Instead of leaving the military, he was sent to Iraq following 9/11.

Military Profile: Gregg Caldwell

Gregg Caldwell’s experience in the military has led to a lifelong career. During his time in the U.S. Marine Corps, Caldwell worked as a motor mechanic fixing Humvee and 5-ton trucks.

You Are a Machine: The Robotic Nature of Tire Sales

As human beings we spend the majority of our day in “automatic” mode with our brains “programmed” with automatic responses. It makes perfect sense when you consider that our breathing, blood pressure, temperature control, heart rate and nervous system are all fully automatic.