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How the Department of Labor Helps You Hire Veterans

The Labor Department’s Veterans’ Employment Training Services (VETS) focuses on four key areas to support our nation’s veterans…

Giving Back to Those Who’ve Served: Tiremakers Supporting U.S. Veterans

Throughout history, tire manufacturers have supported the U.S. military in a variety of ways.

Military Profile: Mike Monaghan

Mike Monaghan says his military training has given him skills that have carried over into his civilian life.

Why Hire Veterans? Traits that Make Veterans Invaluable to Your Team

Tire Review asked several tire industry professionals, who also happen to be military veterans, why tire dealers should consider adding a veteran to their team.

Proud To Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Stephen Clave, Dunn Tire

As managing director of the wholesale arm of Dunn Tire, which was rebranded earlier this year as Exxpress Tire Delivery, Stephen Clave is responsible for the new direction, brand positioning and growth of the wholesale organization. The Buffalo-based organization has five distribution centers to cover the fulfillment needs of tire dealers from northwest Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh to Albany.

Military Profile: Matt Hilerio

The same skill sets needed for the tire industry and for the military are what interested Matt Hilerio most about his career path.

High Performance Brake Jobs Upgrading to Better Replacement Options

Brake jobs are a good source of parts and labor income for shops. When brakes wear out, most motorists just want you to fix the problem and restore their brakes to like-new condition with OE-equivalent replacement parts. But in some situations, there may be an opportunity to sell your customer on the benefits of upgrading certain brake components.

Evolving Run-Flat Technology

Since the earliest days of the automotive industry, tire manufacturers have looked for ways to re-engineer the wheel to better meet the needs of the driving public. Run-flat technology was an early innovation, with the idea of a self-supporting run-flat tire making its first appearance in the mid-1930s. Driving habits, technology, regulations and demand have evolved dramatically since then, as has run-flat technology. 

Military Profile: Bud Luppino

Due to the top secret nature of Bud Luppino’s job, he wasn’t allowed to leave the country for five years after leaving the military.

The Long Tail of Ag Tires Finding Your Niche

We live in a truly limitless world. Our world is both large and small. We have access to nearly infinite options in nearly every facet of life and industry. Meanwhile, our reach has expanded exponentially, while making the world much smaller and more reachable.

Military Profile: Michael Smith

Michael Smith fulfilled a lifetime dream when he joined the U.S. Army. “I always wanted to fly…”

When Thank You Isn’t Enough

Kristen Criswell shares her insights and perspective on the value of military service as the spouse of a military member.