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Training on Trial

"Mornin’ Slim. Need a refill on that coffee?" Rolph held the cast-iron coffee pot steady with both hands. It was much heavier than stainless steel models, but necessary – Rolph’s coffee is not for the faint of heart. Or metal. “Sure, why not.” I pulled on my protective goggles as the boiling liquid hit the

2012 Tire Brand Study

It’s amazing what a year will do. Last year we saw the direct impact of tightened tire supplies and – at least on the consumer side – sharply reduced retail tire sales. This year, dealers responding to our 20th annual Tire Brand Study showed greater appreciation for second and third tier tire brands, which stepped

2012 Consumer Profile

Drivers. Customers. Consumers. Patrons. Guests. Whatever you call them, they’re the ones you count on to make your cash register sing. But do you really know about them and how they approach the entire tire and vehicle service business? What they like about your shop or your competition? What about the brands you carry? What

2012 Tire Market Profile

It’s always hard to hit a moving target, so with all of the shifts and changes and re-directions we’ve witnessed over the last decade, it’s a wonder that a tire dealer or supplier can stay ahead of the curve. To help steady the target, we’ve compiled this comprehensive Tire Market Profile section. Click here to

2012 Movers & Shakers

The most read and Top Stories from the past 12 months