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2008 Brands Study

Tire dealers depend on the tire brands they carry. Quality, innovation, fill rate, marketability, profitability – all help tire dealers reach customers, build a reputation and grow a business. So, just how do tire brands perform in the real world? Click here to see the 2008 Brands Study For the 16th straight year, Tire Review

2008 Dealer Profile

What does the successful North American tire dealer look like? How is his/her business structured? Where are they seeing victories and growth, and where are the trouble spots? Welcome to Tire Review’s 2008 Tire Dealer Profile Study – the industry’s most comprehensive and extensive research effort. To compile this year’s report,Tire Review surveyed hundreds of

2008 Market Influencers

Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re dead wrong, and sometimes we’rereally out there, but over the past eight years Market Influencers hasbecome the best read, most referenced and most discussed part of ourannual Sourcebook.   Tire Review’s annual review of Market Influencers – now in itsninth year – looks at the 10 people, products, issues and

2008 Market Profile

2007 wasn’t a banner year for the tire and automotive industries. While the tire side saw a slight improvement against 2006, tire shipments and sales did not meet expectations as gas and consumer goods prices began eating into household budgets. Growing fuel prices in late 2007 started an erosion in miles traveled and vehicle sales.