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2007 Brands Study

Tire dealers depend on the tire brands they carry to deliver customers – retail or commercial. They are the key and, sometimes, only tool a dealer has to attract and keep customers. Tire marketers think their brands are great, including all of the pre- and post-sale service they provide. But just how do those brands

2007 Dealer Profile

What does the typical successful North American tire dealer look like? How is his/her business structured? Where are they seeing successes, and where are the failures? Welcome toTire Review’s 2007 Tire Dealer Profile Study – the industry’s most extensive, most coveted research effort. To compile this year’s report, Tire Review surveyed hundreds of independent tire

2007 Market Influencers

Movers. Shakers. Shifters. Shapers. Every year the tire industry sees a vast abundance of these four, and the past year has been no different. With everexpanding globalization heavily impacting our industry, what will the coming 12 months bring to the tire dealers, marketers, manufacturers and suppliers? In other words, who will be this year’s real

2007 Market Profile

Things didn’t go very well in the North American tire industry last year. Shipments were down and tiremaker restructuring impacted business, all driven by consumer-level economic pressures and business pressures felt around the globe. Brand marketshares shifted, vehicle sales faltered…all in all it was a brutal year to be a tire dealer. Still, tire dealers