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TPMS Radio Frequency Theory and Operation

What information is contained in a TPMS signal? What is the TPMS sensor telling you? We answer your questions about TPMS and what it’s telling you.

TPMS Talk: Spare a Moment for the Spare Tire

Is checking the spare tire in the vehicle a common practice at your shop? If not, learn why it should be part of your TPMS SOP.

Servicing BMW 1 Series 2008-2013 Brakes

The BMW 1 Series might be the least expensive BMW, but it shares a lot of the procedures that are common when it comes to servicing brakes on larger BMWs.

Not Sure if the Air Filter Needs to Be Changed? Check the Fuel Trim

One thing EFI can’t control is the amount of air that flows into the engine. That is predicated by the engine design, whether it is turbocharged or supercharged, and how well the air flows from outside the engine through the air filter and past the MAF sensor and into the combustion chamber.

Evolution and Revolution of Tire Shop Wheel Balancing

Contrary to popular belief, all wheel balancers are not the same. When tires and wheels were of similar size and mass, it didn’t matter as much, but now, like everything else, things change.

Maximizing OTR Tire Performance

Air in a tire is like oil in an engine. When properly maintained, both will run many long hours or miles with no issues. But, running low or over the correct amount will have a definite effect on the life of both.

2019 Top Shop Finalist: Don Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment

Don Foshay’s Discount Tire & Alignment doesn’t have the marketing budget of a New England-wide tire chain. Instead, it expertly uses what it does possess — customer loyalty; a caring, well-trained staff; and tech-savvy digital marketing — to ensure success and customer satisfaction.

2019 Top Shop Finalist: Waukegan Tire & Supply Co.

Jerry Nerheim, owner of Waukegan Tire & Supply Co., is a family man first and details how the success of his four stores just north of Chicago starts with his family’s passion for the business and its knowledgeable staff.

2019 Top Shop Finalist: Monroe Tire & Service

Chris Monroe and his team aren’t afraid of change, and that’s a big part of the reason why Monroe Tire & Service is a two-time Top Shop finalist. It’s the shop’s experimental nature and Chris’ willingness to let his employees take the reins that makes it unique.

2019 Top Shop Winner: Redwood General Tire

A three time finalist in Tire Review’s Top Shop competition, presented by Coats, Alpio Barbara and his team at Redwood General Tire have taken the top honor this year for delivering excellence and the “perfect customer experience.”

A Jack of All Trades: All-Weather Tires Offer a Cost-Effective Solution for Year-Round Weather

For years, all-season tires have been the “one size fits all” solution, but in places with snowy conditions, dealers may find the all-weather tire a better bet for their customers.

What a Customer-Focused Culture Really Means

Pinnacle Performance Training’s Steve Ferrante details what we can learn about customer service from Myron Boncarosky, Virginia Tire & Auto’s founder.