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Proud to Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Josh Porter, Lex Brodie’s Tires

Josh Porter, co-owner of Lex Brodie’s Tires, has a four-shop business, which operates completely independent of its Oahu-based namesake. Proud to be an Independent Tire Dealer this month is sponsored by Federal Tire.

Josh Porter Lex Brodies Tires
TPMS Service: Embrace the Opportunity

We’re quickly approaching the point that the average-aged vehicle on the road will have a direct TPMS, which means more vehicles that will come into your shop for TPMS service. Do you know all the points of service? Are you trained in them and ready for your customers?

Cracked Lug Nut TPMs Sensor
Walk Before You Run: Standard Operating Procedures for TPMS

If you have SOPs for other work you do, why not have one for a crucial safety system service like TPMS?

TPMS Talk standard operating procedure
Stacked Alignment: Solving Lead/Pull Conditions

When looking to cure a lead/pull problem, look for key signs that can indicate an issue with stacked tolerances of different components and systems.

dynamic alignment angles
Getting to the Bottom of the Case: Assessing Casing Quality for More Retreads, More Profit

To get better returns, you have to get more retreads from the casing. In order to that, put your detective hat on and take a closer look at the causes of casing failure.

TravelCenters of America Bowling Green Retread Plant
Designing Mud-Terrain Tires for Today’s Off-Road Enthusiast

Mud-terrain tires, once used almost exclusively by farmers, are now engineered with off-road enthusiasts in mind. Get familiar with the difficult task of how engineers design and develop MT tire designs and rubber compounds to provide off-road grip and on-road performance.

Toyo Tires Mud terrain tire
Yelp For Tire Shops: Monetizing What Makes Many a Manager Mad

Believe it or not, Yelp’s claim that their ads work and can bring auto shops more customers actually holds true. So, if you love to make money more than you love to hate Yelp, keep reading.

Online reviews tire reviews webinar
2018 Top Shop Finalist: Eagle Tire Pros

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to do things right the first time, Tony Johnson, owner of Eagle Tire Pros, has more than earned his spot as a Tire Review Top Shop Finalist this year.

Eagle Tire Pros Store
2018 Top Shop Finalist: Courtesy Auto Service and Tire of Tacoma

Courtesy Auto and Tire owners Scott and Susan Welsh understand their market, their ideal customer, and they unflinchingly pursue a differentiation strategy that aims to earn and keep that kind of customer.

Courtesy Auto and Tire of Tacoma
Tire Industry Association: A Message from 2018-19 TIA President John Evankovich

New Tire Industry Association President John Evankovich says, “I am looking forward to the opportunity to ‘stay the course’ while building on the collaboration that has helped us move forward in the past few years.’

Tire Industry ASsociation TIA John Evankovich Sam's Club Tire
2018 Top Shop Finalist: Tire Source

For Tom White and Drew Dawson, founders of Canton, Ohio-based Tire Source, success has come from making a move, assessing the results and quickly reacting if an adjustment is needed. Perhaps the most important part is doing so objectively and without ego with an eye toward the health of the company and the future of

Tire Source Belden Village
Radial Tire Technology: The Importance of Radial Over Bias for Farming

With the introduction of the radial tire design, the whole world of tires changed dramatically.

Farm field conditions for agricultural tire selection