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Giant Speed Check

Everyone selling OTR tires has at some point encountered tires that have been subjected to excessive speed, overloads and heat. Of course the customer generally will not admit that any of this happened to the tire and they expect either the dealer or manufacturer to step up and handle any shortfall performance of the tire. This

2015 Top Shop Winner: Atlantic Tire & Service

  Very little and yet so much has changed over the seven years since we profiled Atlantic Tire & Service when the Cary, N.C., dealership took top honors in the 2008 Tire Review Top Shop Awards, presented by Ammco/Coats. It’s still all about great people delivering great customer service. It’s still about a team built

5 Ways to Stay Out of the Courtroom

When it comes to business, there are so many things that owners need to do, the last thing they need is a lawsuit related to employment matters that can be easily avoided. Here are five tips to avoid employment lawsuits: 1. Document, Document, Document. The golden rule of human resources starts with documenting policies and

Into the Woods

Like many other specialty tire segments, demand in the forestry tire market  is cyclical. With the demand for logging often echoing the economy, tire demand fluctuates as machines either sit or run. Currently the forestry industry is on a slight uptick, which is good for tire dealers who service this niche segment. “With some very

A Winning Workplace

Having difficulty finding talented employees? Take a good hard look at the engagement level of your existing employees first. Spending the last 20+ years in business consulting, the past 10 in my own practice, I have too often heard the plea “we can’t find good people” from business owners and/or management personnel. In fact, if

2015 Top Shop Finalist: Mountain View Tire & Auto Service

Chris Mitsos, vice president of Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, admits that no business is perfect. “We touch almost 17,000 vehicles a month,” he says of the dealership, which saw gross sales of nearly $48 million last year through a mix of 40% tires and 60% vehicle service. “Who’s going to go a perfect

Understanding Toyota’s direct and indirect TPMS

Toyota has installed direct TPMS united in the following Toyota and Scion models: 4 Runner 2004-12 Avalon 2007-13 Camry 2007-15 Corolla 2007-09 FJ Cruiser 2008-15 Highlander 2007-15 Land Cruiser 2005-15 Matrix 2007-13 Prius 2006-15 Rav4 2006-15 Scion tC 2007-15 Sequoia 2004-15 Sienna 2006-15 Solara 2007-09 Tacoma 2005-15 Tundra 2005-15 Venza 2009-15 Yaris 2008-15 The direct

Looking Into Plant Expansion

The hustle and bustle of 23 million people in the streets of Shanghai is echoed in Double Coin Holding’s factories in and north of the city. From one end of the factories to the other – the mixers, calendars and extruders to tire fabrication and curing – the buzz of activity is everywhere. Tire Review

Raising the Bar: Safety Systems for People or Profit?

If you raise the bar should you expect others to follow? Does raising the bar establish only one new level of competence or does it instill consistent focus on continuous improvement? What if you felt that raising the bar would benefit another group, but that group doesn’t seem to notice or care? Where is the

2015 Top Shop Finalist: Courtesy Auto Service & Tire of Tacoma

If you asked Courtesy Auto Service & Tire of Tacoma owner Scott Welsh what he does for a living, he wouldn’t tell you he’s a tire dealer. He would tell you he’s a problem solver. “Everyone from myself down to my newest guy, who is primarily a tire installations/general maintenance technician, we all have the

2015 Top Shop Finalist: Indy Tire Center

Anyone watching Indy Tire Center’s Top Shop Award entry video pitch will quickly gain insight into what makes the chain successful. The embracing lyrics and folksy sound of Phillip Phillips’ ubiquitous hit, “Home,” is the soundtrack to a long string of employee photos, captioned with such bond-forming tidbits as their favorite movies or quotes or

The Payday Polka

Payday. While it is music to an employee’s ears, payday presents logistical and legal challenges for your company. One of the chief challenges is ensuring your employees are paid properly under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Why does FLSA matter to you? Money. Improperly paying employees opens you up to potentially massive liability from a