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2008 Top Shop Finalist: Direct Tire & Auto Service

In these days of bargain hunting and hurrying to find a quick fix at the cheapest possible price, it’s refreshing to know that people like Barry Steinberg are still in the tire business. Since he opened the very first Direct Tire and Auto Service location in Watertown, Mass., in 1974, Steinberg has stood out in

2008 Top Shop Finalist: Pneus R. Guay

Growing up, siblings Errol, Rene, Candyde, Richard and Claude Guay never had any doubt in their minds about what they would do when they finished school and entered the workforce. From a young age, their parents instilled in them the values that were so vital to the success of their father’s tire dealership: respect, honesty

2008 Top Shop Finalist: Lex Brodie’s Tire, Wheel & Brake

“My job and the job of each of our 94 full-time employees is to relieve the stress of the day for each of our customes,” says Scott Williams, co-owner of Lex Brodie’s Tire, Wheel & Brake in Oahu, Hawaii. Along with his mentor, 95-year-old Lex Brodie, who formed his enterprise in Hawaii, the pair has

2008 Top Shop Winner: Atlantic Tire & Service

Ask any employee about the secret to Atlantic Tire & Service’s success and their answer is quick and simple. “It’s all about customer service,” says Davis Morgan, one of Atlantic’s store managers, echoing the universal opinion of his teammates. “We strive to make it a comfortable, confident experience.” But, according to Atlantic Tire founder and

Smelling the Roses: Top Shop Marks the Best, But There Are Plenty of Great Dealers Out There

I guess the most annoying thing about being sick is that it is just so damn annoying. Especially when you don’t feel all that sick. A recent 12-rounder with pneumonia – won on the judge’s card, by the way – had me sequestered in the local hospital for seven days. Felt more like a lifetime,

Slight Bounce: Sluggish August Gives Way to Mild Service Rebound

While dealers remain concerned over the economy, preliminary sales numbers from our panel of retail dealers indicate some positive movement. After another slide in August, tire and service sales showed some strength in September. Click here for October 2008 Charts The cost of fuel was the biggest concern in August, and more dealers mentioned the

Gaining Grip: With Added Demand, All-Season UHP Market Going Nowhere But Up

It’s no secret that sales of performance tires have been steadily increasing for the last decade, but one segment in particular – all-season UHP tires – has seen particularly rapid growth. Most likely, OE fitments and customer demands have already caused a huge majority of tire dealers to address this segment. With the ever-increasing popularity

Selling Safety: TPMS Valve Stems and Service More Than Just Good Business

For more than eight years, tire pressure monitoring systems have haunted the tire and auto industries. And just like any automotive component, the lifespan of TPMS parts is getting increasingly shorter year-by-year. Therein lies not only a solid business opportunity, but also an opportunity to show the customer your knowledge of the business – for

Ounces of Prevention: Taking a Few Extra Steps Can Prevent Dangerous Wheel-Offs

Wheel offs – they happen on 18-wheelers, they happen on passenger cars, and the news is always bad. The primary reason for this type of mistake almost always has something to do with lug nuts and/or studs. As lug nuts are taken off, note immediately if they are difficult to remove. This is the first

Side Benefits: TPMS for Commercial Trucks May Save Money, Lives

It’s old news that tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are now required on new passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs with GVW ratings up to 10,000 lbs. However, most regulatory observers agree that the congressional mandate applies to all highway vehicles, and requirements covering commercial trucks through Class 8 are likely within the next several

Making Waves: This Year’s SEMA Styles are Sure to Impress

In a few days, the 2008 SEMA Show will get underway. In spite of the current economic climate, there is still a lot to be gained by attending the show. New vehicles are still arriving and consumers are still looking for ideas on how to improve upon OE parts. One of the most anticipated cars

October 2008 Sales Intelligence

Covering Eugene, Ore.; Sioux Falls, S.D.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Tucson, Ariz.; Newark, N.J.; and Washington, D.C., retail tire marketsduring period of Aug. 23-29. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection ofindependent tire dealers, mass merchants and car dealers to obtaincurrent pricing on replacement tires and vehicle services. InteliChekrequests and verifies retail prices via phone