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2007 Top Shop Finalist: Redwood General Tire

The late Bill Walsh, long-time coach of the San Francisco 49ers, was one of Alpio Barbara’s friends. So is former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, whose mom once worked for Barbara. But unlike the NFL, there is no off-season for Barbara’s Redwood General in Redwood City, Calif., a Top Shop Award finalist. “If the month ends

2007 Top Shop Finalist: Community Tire

  Howard Fleischmann isn’t the least bit shy about posting his personal cell phone number, his home phone number and his office number in his online newsletter, circulation 6,000. “If I’m not here when my customers need me, will they be there when I need them?” says the owner of Top Shop Award Finalist Community

2007 Top Shop Finalist: Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center

As the oldest family-owned tire and auto repair facility in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Chatham County, North Carolina, Chapel Hill Tire Car CareCenter greets customers by their first names and sends them out the door with a friendly smile. Although the business prides itself on old-fashioned values with regard to customer relationships, each shop location

2007 Top Shop Winner: Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service

Convention just doesn’t seem to fit in. Not always, and not with statements like, “We just do our own thing.” Or, “Sometimes the customer isn’t right.” Not that Gatto’s Tires & Auto Service has succeeded by living on the fringes. Far from it. As the first winner of the Tire Review Top Shop Award presented

Textbook Example: Top Shop Winners AND Entrants Prove Independent Dealers Are Doing Well

The North American independent tire dealer is alive and well, and doing fine, thank you very much. In fact, based on the piles and piles of entries we received for our first Top Shop Awards contest, tire dealers are textbook examples of how small businesses should be run. Successfully, effectively, profitably – and people focused.

When Customers Complain: They Liked The Old Ones Better, But You Need to Know Why

We already know that despite the best efforts of every carmaker in the world, no two cars are the same. It’s the same with tiremakers and parts makers. This is not a finger-pointing expedition, it’s the truth. No two vehicles are identical. It’s impossible. Oh, and let’s not forget that no two drivers are the

Beyond the Obvious: Dealer Opportunities for Commercial Growth are Often Hidden

Few good fleet managers question the traditional benefits of a well-thought out and executed tire/wheel program. Reliability, safety, selection of quality products and service providers, and resulting low tire cost-per-mile are what they want, and they know that a top shelf program will do that. So what happens, aside from periodic reviews and fine-tuning, after

Lemons & Lemonade: TPMS May Be Blessing in Disguise for Savvy Dealers

How many times have we as installers and sellers of aftermarket products been faced with federal regulations and technologies that end up making our lives more difficult? For years now, TPMS has been a thorn in most of our sides, mainly because of myopic NHTSA regulations designed to help automakers and not the general public,

Hand Tools; Tire Fill

Hand Tools Still a Part of Daily Operations Despite the best technological efforts of major suppliers there is still no better way to remove a stuck radiator hose, heater hose or fan belt than a hose puller tool. You provide the power, it helps remove the hose. It’s the same with a valve core tool,

Trend Tracking: Shifts in UHP Segment Make Dealer’s Job Harder, Demand Attention

Aftermarket accessories – especially custom wheels and tires – have always been about being trendy. From the designers to the customer, the goal is always to stay ahead of the trendiness curve. But for an independent tire dealer, success with custom wheels and performance tires has always been about following the trends. Today, with national

Long-Term Headaches: TPMS Problems Will Continue, Dealers Need to Tackle Them Straight On

The problems still exist and, just like the Grand Canyon, they look like they’re going to be around for a some time. Of course, we’re referring to a cornucopia of issues dealing with tire pressure monitoring systems. Whether it’s nickel-plated valve cores, brass valve cores, rubber grommets, aluminum retaining nuts, special nickel-plated valve cores and