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Fins To The Left…

Sharks, as that nautical wheeler Jimmy Buffet reminds, are everywhere. And so this horror story of lawyers gone wild should be a lesson to all. California is renowned for its misdirected concerns – where else can 14 million people all drive at the same time, yet everyone worry about smoking in bars? – and goofy

From the Track to the Rack

From the Track to the Rack Racing tires, like passenger car tires, are specialized for different applications and purposes. Every form of racing has its own speed, traction and handling needs that require specially designed tires. A Formula 1 car obviously needs a different type of tire than a NASCAR racer or a NHRA Top

Diagnosing Ride Problems

o ensure proper contact of the wheel to the vehicle. Now that the vehicle is ready, mount the tire on its wheel, and then place on the balancer. While balancing – you are using a dynamic balancer, right? ®“ check for repeatability before proceeding to the rest. This will ensure that you don’t have an

Big Enough?

Big Enough? As the diameters of performance tires increase, manufacturers have to walk the fine line between function and fantasy You’re walking along the show floor at the International Tire Expo in Las Vegas. You pass a seemingly endless collection of cars and tires. Wheels shimmer on display. Parts and accessories abound. And the people

Why Pay More?: Right Depreciation Method Puts $$$ Where You Need It – The Business

p> The chart "Comparing Depreciation Methods" (page 26) provides a tangible example of the different methods of depreciation available to dealers. As you can see, the different depreciation strategies produce substantially different results in terms of impact on the income statement and the balance sheet value of the asset from year to year. Here’s a

Racing For Retail Dollars: How Dealers Have Turned Race Track Involvement Into Large Profits

g. "We are perceived as being more of a hard-core retailer, especially with Falken and the other brands we carry," Trahan said. "We’re more prone to selling products for their performance characteristics. We don’t really believe in things like Plus-4. Performance is the No. 1 thing here. The look is secondary." Another thing that Trac

Fed Up With Insurance Costs?

Fed Up With Insurance Costs? Why it’s gotten so bad, and what you can do about it  What is it about insurance that gives you a 365-day migraine? Your rates keep going up! You’ve just been canceled! And this just in®ƒyour rates are about to go up again! Is it really that bad? Yes, but