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How Should Government Help?

President Obama recently announced a new emphasis on helping small business by shifting bank bailout money to programs designed to assist entrepreneurs survive and grow. So what should the president do? If you had the chance, what would you recommend be done to help small businesses? Tell us what you’d say in the comment section

The New Senior Consumer

The 1970s “All in the Family” made us all familiar with the song “Those Were The Days.”  Fast forward to today and WOW…we have redefined “senior” and “Those Days” are gone forever. First, some some statistics from about the aging of America: • Someone turns 50 years of age every 60 seconds. • By 2020,

Multiple Components Can Influence Truck Handling

Change is a constant, even accelerating, part of the trucking industry and never has this been more obvious than in the increasing diversity of vehicle sizes, configurations and the service conditions they are expected to endure. The days of typical trucking fleets being composed of simply line haul tractors and smaller delivery trucks are rapidly

Pollution: Does It Have To Be A Dirty Word?

Even with today’s special emphasis on all things environmental, pollution has long been a dirty word, especially to tire dealers. And can cost your business millions of dollars without good risk management and insurance coverage. Is your business exposed to pollution liability risks? Are you covered? Can you sleep comfortably at night knowing you have

Outline Your 2010 Plans!

As we approach the new year, what changes are you planning to make to your business in 2010? Everyone hunkered down in 2009. Businesses large and small cut expenses and focused on new ways to attract and retain business. As the economy seems to be improving, what changes are you planning to make to your

Reality Check: How Was the Show? Some Straight Talk About SEMA 2009

So, how was the show? In the past, that conversational query required minimal response. Kinda like, “So, how was vacation?” or “So, how was the movie?” the inquirer assumed the best and really wasn’t asking for any other reason than to be, well, politely interested. Today, post SEMA 2009, “So, how was the show?” is

November 2009 Sales Intelligence

Covering Burlington, Vt.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Jackson, Miss.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Seattle, Wash.; and Washington, D.C. retail tire marketsduring the period of Nov. 4-6. Tire Review and InteliChek present up-to-date tire and service price information from U.S. metropolitan areas. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection of independent tire dealers, mass merchants

Making a Move: After September Lull, Tire and Service Sales Show Improvement

It’s not quite time to break into a rousing chorus of “Happy Days Are Here Again,” but we appear to be getting closer. Our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers indicates that tire unit and automotive service sales picked up in October – with all tire and service segments rebounding from a poor September –

Wheel Refinishing a Valued Service in Today’s Economy

With the economy on a long, sluggish recovery, the business of wheel refinishing should be a natural, given the fact that commercial customers are being squeezed out of their once healthy margins. With fleet owners hanging onto vehicles longer, a bit of maintenance work and a fresh set of wheels can make older trucks look

Intake Systems Offer Opportunity for Added Horsepower

When it comes to air filters, there is too much information to fit in this small space. But you should know about at least one application out there. K&N Engineering Inc. is heavily involved in the specialized kind of work built into its air intake units, which are designed to deliver added horsepower. In fact,

Playing it Smart: Companies Adapt Wheel Trends in a Recovering Economy

The best thing about being at the bottom is that there is only one way to go: Up. 2009 has been a dismal year for the aftermarket industry, especially custom wheels. Manufacturers and distributors felt the downturn in 2008 and held off on new styles that required capital investment in molds and inventory. Going in

Moving Business: Container Handling Niche Offers Dealers Unique Opportunities

In a global economy where products are imported and exported worldwide, it takes a multitude of resources to keep things moving and on track. From load docks to loading bays, container handling equipment is everywhere products are being shipped, moved and inventoried. And vital to that equipment’s operation is – you guessed it – tires.