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November 2008 Sales Intelligence

Covering Omaha, Neb.; Reno, Nev.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Springfield, Mass.; New York, N.Y.; and St. Louis, Mo., retail tire marketsduring period of Oct. 1-7. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection ofindependent tire dealers, mass merchants and car dealers to obtaincurrent pricing on replacement tires and vehicle services. InteliChekrequests and verifies retail prices via

Free Falling: Slowndown Pushes Tire, Service Sales to New Lows

After showing a slight bounce in September, retail tire unit and service sales took a nosedive in October, according to preliminary results from Tire Review’s Dealer Panel. Results show a dramatic drop in sales for October 2008 vs. October of 2007, continuing the drop-off started in mid-September. Clearly, the poor economic news has created a

Tough Times Are No Time to Turn Off Your Marketing

Tire dealers who aren’t using all of the marketing tools available to them probably aren’t selling all of the tires and vehicle service that they could. To be sure, many marketing tools add expense, and in these tough times no dealer wants to add to the operating line. But there are many solid, no- or

Smaller Demand: With Vehicle Downsizing, Large Wheels Are Tough to Sell

A few years ago, you could buy a 20-inch chrome-plated wheel from China for $125. Now that the Chinese government has reduced or removed subsidies to those wheel manufacturers and the U.S. dollar has lost value, those days are about gone. This article was planned a year ago, but I had no idea how much

A Permanent Solution: Safety, Profits From Permanent Tire Repair

Even though it ensures customers’ safety plus offers the potential for a steady revenue stream, proper, permanent tire repair is still not a service offered by all tire dealers. It might have something to do with today’s “instant gratification” society, where shops don’t want to take the time to repair a tire, and customers don’t