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Strange But True Tire Tales

Too often, we’re consumed by the Ordinary. We get into our daily routines and never waver. No matter how much you love what you do every day, it’s still refreshing to take a break once in a while from the Everyday. To help you do that, we’ve tracked down some of the most unusual tire

Reflection and a Pledge: Hall of Fame Inductee’s Look Back at the Early Days of the Rubber Trade

In recognition of the induction of Theodore E. Smith, founder of this magazine, into the Tire Industry Hall of Fame, we thought it appropriate to publish one of his last columns for what was then called India Rubber Review, which he had founded in 1901. Published 85 years ago this month, Ted’s reflections on the

Brain Drain: Businesses in Pursuit of Educated Employees Still Empty-Handed

Skilled workers will be harder to find next year. Problem is education. Some college or advanced training is needed for about 85% of new jobs, but only 60% of Americans get that far. Businesses need two million more scientists and engineers by 2012, and that will not be met. Why They Stay Workers were asked

High-Stakes Niche: Industrial Tires Can Offer High Margins and Opportunity, But at a Cost

In the simplest of terms, if U.S. factories are working at or near capacity, warehouses should be busy and the market for forklift or towmotor tires should be strong. To that point, the National Association of Manufacturers reports that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding, and manufacturing employment is up by 12,000 jobs as of

Fleeting Moment: Tap Into Wheel Bearing Service Opportunities Before They Disappear

You may only have one chance during a vehicle’s life to replace a sealed wheel bearing and hub assembly. Miss it, and it may be gone forever. That’s because the average life of these parts is 85,000 to 100,000 miles, even though most serviceable wheel bearings need maintenance every 25,000 to 30,000 miles or during

Happy Returns?: While RFID Technology Steadily Matures, ROI Questions Persist

Sure, hybrid-powered cars, light trucks and SUVs will save us money at the pump. Yet we pay a premium price for a hybrid vehicle. That’s what we call a “conundrum.” Though we save a few bucks on the family budget, we must pay for that privilege. And that extra dough we’re saving may not be

Money to Burn?: Simple Tire Tactics Will Help Commercial Customers Save on Fuel

With the price of fuel as high and as volatile as we’ve ever seen, many truck operators are reviewing ways to conserve that precious commodity that can so severely impact the bottom line of any trucking operation. You might wonder how this is related to tires. The answer comes in a number of ways, several

Alternative Pressure: Performance Customers are Good Targets for Nitrogen Inflation

What’s wrong with air? Like a slumbering giant, the passenger and light truck tire industry is slow to evolve and slower to accept new products and ways of thinking. Take the current buzzword going around: nitrogen. That inert gas has the industry and, as I found out, consumers, in an uproar about who and what

Expanded Capabilities, Smaller World

When we think about technology, we generally think about getting larger and expanding our capabilities and boundaries. Ironically, though, technology seems to have the opposite effect: It makes the world smaller. More than ever, companies – even entire industries – are tightly interwoven and dependent on one other. And it’s because of technology. To succeed

Waste Not, Worry Not: Fleets That Partner Up with Tire Dealers Can Take the Worry Factor Out of Tires

“He saves us tens of thousands in potential workers’ compensation claims. His labor costs are $18 an hour, while mine are $22. My overall insurance costs are lower, and I’m saving 10% per tire in labor alone.” That’s Scott Francis, fleet maintenance manager for Whiteline Xpress Ltd. in Champaign, Ill. He’s in charge of watching

A Fresh Look: Supply Problems and Advancing Technologies Fuel Retreading Growth

Suppose for a moment that you’re the owner of a candy store, and that, for quite some time, you’ve been selling all of the quality candy that you can possibly stock in your limited storage space. And, suppose that your customers seem to be happy campers and that, for once in your career, they aren’t

Built to Last: Smart Lifecycle Cost Control Can Help Fleets Squeeze Every Last Mile Out of Every Casing

Here’s a bulletin for fleet maintenance managers responsible for extending tire casing life: If you start a serious tire inflation program today, you will enjoy a 10% improvement in tire mileage expectations tomorrow. That’s only the beginning. If you add a proper tire rotation program, daily calibration of your tire pressure gauges, an alignment program