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The Power of Dealers

Joan Floyd putters around the house these days, doing a little of this and some of that. Her family is all gone now. She didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. There aren’t any phone calls to make or envelopes to stamp or events to plan. In between the this-and-that, she hopes to find

Bargain Clutter Busters

Boston was invaded in July 2003. Not by aliens or a foreign army, but by strange creatures known as “treadheads.” During that month, six young men cruised the streets of Boston sporting an unusual hair style – a tread pattern on their heads. They also wore red T-shirts bearing the question, “What’s up with my

Disaster!: How to Survive When One of Four Businesses Perish

In the movie Forrest Gump, the lead character steps to the curb, scrapes stuff off the bottom of his shoe and says, “(Bleep) Happens!” What would Forrest say about a business that just stepped in it – or was just stepped on? “Disaster Happens!” You can’t prevent disaster, but you can survive it. What will

All the Right Moves: Secrets to Success in Growing Commercial LT Tire Market

Commercial light truck tire buyers are everywhere – if you know where to look. They are plumbing, HVAC or electrical contractors, construction companies and pick-up-and-delivery companies. They are regional/local delivery companies, public utilities, municipalities and many small, service-oriented outfits. Some don’t work for a company – they’re self-employed. Their specific lines of work may differ,

Wheel Anatomy: Part I

Arguably one of the most aesthetic components of any vehicle, wheels reflect the owner’s style, personality and, in many cases, the size of his or her bank account. But wheels encompass much more than just good looks. Looking beyond the final product all the way back to the beginning, we discover an idea or inspiration