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Left Handed Complications

 In the course of a week, I lost my right arm and I lost my right arm. Figuratively and literally. First, Craig Gifford, our managing editor and a member of the TR team for five years, left to join a large auto part maker. It was a tremendous opportunity for him, and while we were

Business Opportunities: Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

u. The quick fix is to get them to take a closer look at your people. In fact, fleet managers should be encouraged to spend time talking with your tire experts to see which ones can really help them. Ideally, a good fleet manager will strike up a long-term relationship with someone from your staff,

Spitting out Rubber

 Have you ever watched an auto race and thought about what it would be like to become one with a machine? Pushing yourself and a car right to the edge of catastrophe, yet be in total control? If you’re like me, there’s only one answer: Heck, yeah! Across this nation, people of all ages and

People Can Make or Break You: Building and Keeping a Winning Tire Team

Surrounding yourself with good people is the dream of every manager. From the President of the United States to the store manager at your local Subway, having good people is not a new idea. But here’s the rub. How do you keep them happy? Nearly 70% of tire dealers questioned by Tire Review say they’re

Run-Flat Tires: Growth Slow Amid Cost, Performance and Acceptance Issues

Run-Flat Growth Slow Amid Cost, Performance and Acceptance Issues It seems like it was a long time ago when we first heard that run-flat tires would take over the industry. Drivers saw the added safety potential and never again wanted to change a flat in a driving rainstorm. Because run-flats meant no spare tires, carmakers