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TPMS Diagnostic & Replacement Tips

A decade ago, many drivers and technicians did not understand the significant safety and fuel economy benefits of TPMS.

Communicating the Effectiveness of TPMS

Many drivers might compare TPMS to a backup camera or a working sunroof; it should really be compared to an oil life sensor or a check engine light.

Different Ag Equipment Requires Nuanced Tire Inflation: Pt. II

Part II of this column continues our discussion of the slight, simple nuances regarding inflation pressures for certain machines of which every tire dealer should be aware.

Air Ride Suspension Diagnostics

There are three main edicts written in an air ride suspension system’s embedded logic: preserve the compressor, keep the vehicle level and keep the vehicle safe.

air ride suspension systems
Making the Right Wheel Balancer Investment

A shop owner has many choices when it comes to assessing which wheel balancer is right for them. Let this checklist help you out.

Wheel balancer investment checklist
Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Opportunities Emerge

As consumer spending recovers, what type of rebound in delayed vehicle maintenance services will dealerships see?

How to Post Strong Sales in a Weak Economy

Now that the economy has changed, what have you changed?

Steve Ferrante tire dealer strong selling weak economy
Proud to Be: Joe Mullaney, Mullaney’s Tire & Car Care Center

Joe Mullaney says independent tire dealers have a leg up over the big box stores when it comes to choosing their direction.

Backhoes Warrant Study When it Comes to Tire Choice

While backhoes tend to take a beating, your customers can minimize costly downtime and reap the benefits of their backhoe investment with the right tire choice and regular maintenance.

Put the Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance Wheels in Motion

As consumer confidence rebounds and your customers look to you to get their vehicles road-ready, it provides the opportunity for you to tout the advantages of preventive vehicle maintenance, tire safety checks and making the right tire choice when it’s time for replacement.