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Improving Your Clairvoyance

They say hindsight is 20/20. It’s a sentence that’s easier to complete than it is to accept. Yet it’s the rare businessperson who can say that he or she has never made a mistake in the early days of business development. While Tire Review strives to inform tire dealers about all aspects of the tire business,

The 12 Google Sins

  Question: “Where do you hide a dead body?” Answer: “On the second page of Google.” Only 10% of people go on to the second page of Google. Because of this, the temptation to cheat to get on page 1 is significant. Google does not like people to cheat. Its punishment, short of banning you,

Giving ‘Green’

From the growth in recycling and conservation efforts to increasing alternative energy sources and electric vehicle production, it’s clear that the “go green” movement isn’t going away. Moreover, many of today’s eco-conscious consumers are looking to align their spending dollars with businesses that share a similar viewpoint. By adding a “green” component to your marketing

7 Tips for Starting a Successful Workday

By adopting a few morning habits, you can increase productivity, focus, motivation and more. Set yourself up for success with these seven tips: 1. Establish a morning ritual Whether you choose to start your daily morning routine with a hot cup of coffee, a cold glass of water with lemon, a brief meditation session, or

Kumho Opening Doors in Georgia

  Kumho Tire Co. celebrated the opening of its first U.S. production facility in Macon, Ga., on May 2. The celebration included a ribbon cutting, plant tours and a tree planting ceremony. Several local, state and federal officials, as well as Kumho executives, were on hand for the ceremony. “North America is home to one

Triangle Group Shares Global Plan

As China’s economy is slowing down, local companies are looking outside the country to grow business. Among these companies is  Weihai, Shandong-based Triangle Group. In January, Triangle received the approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to have an initial public offering in the Shanghai stock exchange. Triangle said it expects to raise more than

Advantage T/A Sport Adds ‘Fun’ to Drive

The typical day for a minivan driver may consist of a visit to a coffee shop, a stop at the dry cleaners, a shopping trip to the grocery store or a workout at the gym. The racetrack isn’t normally where you find a minivan. Michelin’s BFGoodrich brand decided to combine these daily activities, a Toyota

Bridgestone Refreshing Products

Bridgestone Americas is upgrading or replacing 100% of its Bridgestone and Firestone branded tires in the United States by 2020. The tiremaker recently showcased several of these new tires – the Firestone Champion, Firestone Firehawk AS, and Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 – during a ride and drive event at the Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas.

The Evolving Vehicle

Cars have come a long way since the first “production” vehicles made by Karl Benz. Power steering, automatic transmission, ABS systems and even TPMS, these technologies seem light years ahead of the technology in the first road car. Today we’re going even further, entering a new era of vehicle – the “smart” car. The autonomous

Rockin’ and Rollin’ into 2016

Still aiming to be dealers’ “No. 1,” Continental Tire the Americas announced a number of updates for 2016 during its Gold Dealer Meeting, themed “Conti Rocks Cancun,” on April 12 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. “Two years ago here, we made a statement that you are our No. 1.; our No. 1

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Jim Jones

Jim Jones may be owner of Toledo, Ohio-based JAM Best-One Fleet Service, but you won’t find that title on his business card. Jones is the head coach, or simply “Coach.” Although he has years of experience coaching wrestling, Coach got the idea for his title from former Tires Plus leader Tom Gegax’s book, “The Big

Rules of Alignment

Are you communicating effectively with techs and customers? An alignment bay, lift and the sensors/computer are a considerable investment that can set you apart from other shops, but this equipment is only as effective as the people communicating the information. This means both engaging the customer about an alignment and communicating with the person performing