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Driving Improvement

Tire Review’s Tire Industry Benchmarking Study – a comprehensive, objective look into the inner workings of a modern tire business – provided quantitative and actionable data for tire dealerships to drive improvement. Driving Improvement is a monthly analysis of those practices that separate Platinum Performer tire dealerships from everyone else. Click a link below to download.

Arming You for the Future

It’s a different business world that we inhabit, to be sure. And for independent tire dealers, the future is a scarier place than at any time in history. Tire dealers today have concerns beyond the basics of sales and profits. Their ability to compete is challenged by changing consumer attitudes, a still-strained economy, seem­ingly untethered

Chasing Down Smoke

Look at this,” announced Tooner. He tossed a copy of the Slumberland Rebuttal onto the front counter, stabbing at a glitzy quarter page ad with his grease-stained finger. “Yer lookin’ at my ticket outta here.” I picked up the local rag and read the advertisement out loud. “You too can make $4,000 a week! Become

The New Consumer: Are We Ruled By the Dollar?

The past few years have proved tumultuous for almost every American, and hardest hit was the middle class. Today, even though the middle class American continues to struggle, there may be light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s positive. It’s time to capture those dollars as confidence in the economy increases. However, the

Just Give ‘Em the Facts

Commercial truck tires continue to be the No. 1 maintenance cost behind fuel for trucking fleets. Tires can make or break a company. Spec’ing new tires on all 18-wheel positions for a typical linehaul tractor-trailer can easily cost a fleet $7,000 or more. Even when retreads are run on drive and trailer positions, the costs

Passive Wheel Speed Sensors

The passive wheel speed sensor has been around a long time. It works quite different than the active speed sensors that are found on most cars today. The passive speed sensor creates its own AC signal that changes frequency with wheel speed. This signal is only present while the wheel is turning at a rate

A Healthier Alternative for Employee Insurance?

Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act or the Obama Administration Health Care Reform – whatever you call it – it has certainly become a hot, often contentious topic in the business community. As of the first of the New Year, the Affordable Care Act required that all individuals obtain minimum levels of health insurance on their

More Than Just a Website

By now, the majority of tire dealerships have websites – roughly 70%, according to the latest Tire Review research. But in today’s ultra-competitive online environment, just having a Web presence isn’t going to cut it. In order to get – or stay – on top, dealers need more than the basics. Bells and whistles can

TPMS: Educating the Consumer Benefits Your Shop

Let’s all face it, nobody gets into the tire business for the cheering crowds or the recognition and deep respect of our fellow man. If you did, I’d like a sample of what you’ve been smoking, please. No, we’re all in the tire business to make money, but unfortunately that’s been getting a bit harder

Conti Takes a New Tone to Its Gold Dealer Meeting

Over the nearly 10 years of its Gold Dealer Meetings, Continental Tire the Americas has alternately spent time apologizing for poor fill rates or addressing other shortfalls in product, production or pricing. Such is the lot for a company that has been both building and repairing itself over the last decade. This year’s gathering –

Warholak Tire Service

Warholak Tire Service, located in Detroit, might look like nothing out of the ordinary, even when taking a glance in the bay area. Step into the waiting room, though, and customers might feel like they were sent back to the 1950s. Co-owners Mike and Paul Warholak decorated the waiting area with mementos from the 1950s

Cutting Into a Slow-Growing Landscape Market

To some people, the smell of freshly cut grass signals that spring has finally arrived and summer is on its way. This year, thanks to polar vortexes and “snowmageddons” for much of the country, spring is arriving a bit late. For tire dealers that sell rubber for lawnmowers and other small outdoor power equipment (OPE),