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May 2009 Sales Intelligence

Covering Baltimore, Md.; Portland, Ore.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Richmond, Va.; Mobile, Ala.; and Wichita, Kan., retail tire marketsduring period of Apr. 27-May 5. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection ofindependent tire dealers, mass merchants and car dealers to obtaincurrent pricing on replacement tires and vehicle services. InteliChekrequests and verifies retail prices via phone

Killer Instinct: Lessons Dealers Must Learn From an 800-Pound Gorilla

Bill Ihnken thinks the TBC Retail Group can be a “category killer” in the tire and service trade. The 800-pound gorilla that no one can ignore in every town it has a store. To reach that lofty goal, that pinnacle of retailing, the head of TBC Retail Group’s company-owned stores – Tire Kingdom, NTB and

Leveling Off: After Brief Rise, Service and Tire Sales Flatten

After seeing a slight upturn in sales for February and March, preliminary April tire and service sales from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers show a leveling off. Final March results, while slightly down from preliminary results, still came in at reasonable levels: 97.6 for tire unit sales and 97.8 for service sales when

Success Starts at the Top

Even in ancient times the notion of teamwork was a difficult process. Take, for example, "The Iliad," Homer’s story about the ancient Greek King Agamemnon and Achilles, his best warrior. In the story, Agamemnon cares more about proving his power than he does about motivating Achilles to capture Troy, and nearly loses the Trojan War

Pulling Ahead: Trailer Tire Market Offers Stability, Profitability

In these uncertain times, a tire segment that offers low inventory, high profit margins, limited competition and steady growth may seem too good to be true. Fortunately, this scenario isn’t fiction, as dealers who take the time to look into the specialty/trailer tire segment will soon discover. Because the majority of dealerships don’t carry these

Sand Man: We See it Everywhere, But What Does Silica Do?

is equivalent to the total environmental impact of the tire’s production and the raw materials from which it is made. In other words, says Rhodia, “the energy savings made possible by the use of silica tire technology far outweigh the impact of its manufacture.” The French company even goes so far to say that since

Buildin’ It Up – Part 1: Putting a True Original Back on the Street Takes a Studied Approach

Passion [pash-uh n] – noun. Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. That’s the definition of passion. In our world of tires and wheels, are you passionate about cars and trucks, or are they just utilitarian to you? If you view them in the former sense, you will appreciate and understand what we are going

Useful TPMS Tools Must Offer Certain Features

Today’sTPMS tools offer many features for tire dealers looking to boostprofits by servicing the systems on customers’ vehicles. First, lookfor a unit that has the ability to audit the vehicle before the wheelis broken down. This entails using the tool to activate and read backthe data from each TPMS sensor. The tool needs to know

Modern Tire Changers Save Time, Energy

Mostmotorists are guilty of thinking that their tires are fine, their O2sensor is working perfectly and their air conditioning unit is going tolast forever. But how often do they stop to think about tire changers? Inso many ways, the tire changer is the heartbeat of a tire dealership.If you can’t get ‘em off, you probably