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Misc. Folder: NTSW, Checkoffs, Greening, Spending, Shops & a Really Odd EU Scheme

You don’t necessarily see all of this, but I find it quite interesting to watch so many tiremakers, car dealers and non-tire dealer retailers jump aboard the National Tire Safety Week boat. Come April, we get flooded with news about free inflation pressure checks, tire gauges, educational events, press conferences, spokespeople…the list goes on and

Tire Changer Technology; Cleaning & Polishing

Advancing Tire Changer Technology The makers of tire changers have put nearly as much technology into their equipment as NASA has in its space shuttles. Think about the pedal controls: inflation, rotation and optional wheel lift operation that can be controlled by a set of three foot pedals. And consider mount and demount rollers. Today’s

Still in Vogue: Hathcock Discusses Car Dealers, Tire Dealers, Products and the Future

Founded in 1914, Vogue Tyre has always been a little different, a bit more upscale. Best known as “that Cadillac tire,” Vogue catered to top-end cars and sold what was touted as the industry’s first whitewall, a stark contrast to the day’s solid black tires. Later, it added its now trademark white/gold sidewall stripes. A

Playing For Keeps: Incentive Programs Make Finding, Keeping Employees Simpler

Retaining Good Employees is Hard. Finding New Ones is Harder. Creating Incentives Can Make It All a Lot Easier. In attracting and training qualified new employees, you may be overlooking a valuable resource that you already have in your arsenal: your current staff. In today’s competitive marketplace, retaining current employees is key to the success

Still About Gas: As Fuel Prices Rise, Educating Consumers About Nitrogen More Important

In today’s harsh economic climate, consumers are looking for ways to cut back on expenses, even at the detriment of their vehicles and tires. In fact, the latest from the Bureau of Economic Analysis says that since November 2007, consumers have trimmed car expenses by 1.9%. As oil prices – and resulting costs in everything

Bottoming Out: With Aspect Ratios, How Low is Really Too Low?

With Aspect Ratios, How Low is Really Too Low? In my lifetime tire aspect ratios have ranged from an 85-series to a 25-series. Did you ever clean the whitewalls on a 1952 Chrysler Imperial? Be thankful you didn’t. That’s why I like the new lower aspect blackwall radials. Not only are they easier to clean,

Racing Ahead: Local Event Sponsorship Can Boost Your Brand Awareness

Local Event Sponsorship Can Boost Your Brand Awareness Last month we discussed a number of new technologies that are evolving in the tire industry. Goodyear has made huge leaps with its products over the last several years and has been the recipient of a number of awards in this year alone. It is very fitting

Ups & Downs: Passenger Tire Sales Rebound, HP Tire Sales Drop

Dealer comments and survey results reflect increasingconcerns over the economy and its impact on customers and future business. Tireand service sales at our panel of more than 100 independent tire dealersnationwide dropped significantly in February, and rebounded slightly in March €“but they remain below 2007 results. Click here for May 2008 charts The Tire Review

Trying Times: Tackling Adversity Head-on, Shop Finds Success With Forced Change

Tackling Adversity Head-on, Shop Finds Success With Forced Change Do you ever feel like your business is stuck in a rut? The doors are open, money is changing hands, but at the end of the day it just doesn’t seem to be enough, or isn’t worth the effort you are putting into your business. Have

Still Selling: Even in Unsure Economy, Consumers Will Want Specialty Produts

Despite feeling positive sentiment in February, consumers are now feeling less optimistic about spending money customizing their vehicles. In March, the SEMA Performance Parts and Accessories Demand Index (PADI) lost 39 points, or 49%, going from 81 to 42 last month. Currently, 11% of adult American drivers (or approximately 11-plus million households) are now committing