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The Final Word: NHTSA Clears the Air on TPMS Regs and Plus-Sizing Conundrum

Knowledge and information. Both are more critical in today’s automotive industry than at any other time in history. Unfortunately, most of us lack the time to read every detail regarding the very products that give us our livelihood. It doesn’t help when government agencies, trade groups – even word-of-mouth – confuse and confound what should

Back to Basics: Performance Success Comes Down to Knowing Your Wheels

In our ever-changing performance industry, we must always be aware of what our retail customers need and demand from us. Technical knowledge – the ability to quickly and accurately help them make the best and safest wheel and tire choices – is paramount. Time was that custom wheel selection and fitment was relatively simple. Not

Sell the Sizzle: Building a Strong Performance Business Takes More than Prayer

When it comes to building high performance tire and wheel sales, offering the right products and having strong technical skills are only parts of the equation. Perhaps more than any other segment, marketing plays a huge role in building a solid, loyal customer base. In this Performance Training Guide article, we’ll look at success-building techniques

Ground Connection: Tires Have to a Lot to Do – Here’s How They Do It

For most customers, performance is all look. From the wheel to the sidewall to the tread itself, the tire and wheel package has to look sharp. Lost in all of this focus on look is the actual performance of today’s performance tires. Not surprisingly, a lot of that starts and ends with the tread design.

Problem Solving

Over the pages of this annual Performance Training Guide, we’ve covered the technical aspects of custom wheels and how to sell them. Now we’ll discuss the last part of the equation: mounting and balancing. We won’t discuss how to mount and balance tires and wheels; you ought to know how to do that. But we

Getting Every Last Drop: Vendors Offer More Than Just Product – But You Have to Take the Time to Benefit

You have five “urgent” phone calls that “must be returned immediately,” an HR crisis that can’t wait, and a customer who demands “you” take care of them. Your insurance carrier thinks you should update your coverage and the bank just called because there is a “problem” with your account. Let’s not forget the fire inspector

How Do You Stack Up?: Now You’ll Know – New Feature Provides Timely, Real-World Retail Sales Data

“So, what do you hear out there?” If you merely read the words, this question makes no sense whatsoever. What you “hear out there” could be the blood-curdling screams of hungry coyotes or your spouse pointing out the error of your ways (if the latter is the case, the coyotes may be more pleasant). But

New Man, New Focus: Armes Aims to Strenghten Cooper’s Base While Keeping an Eye on the Future

Roy V. Armes was named president and CEO of Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. last December, following the August resignation of Tom Dattilo. A 31-year veteran of Whirlpool Corp., Armes held several senior-level posts in various departments at the appliance manufacturer, including engineering, project management and purchasing. He also had positions in Mexico and China

Fast Start to Year: Service Sales Well Above 2006, Tire Unit Sales Trending Upward

Welcome to Business Barometer, a report on retail tire and service activities – by tire dealers, for tire dealers. Each month, we’ll report on five major retail categories – unit sales of broadline, HP/UHP and LT/SUV tires, and dollar sales of undercar and underhood service – and compare those results the month prior and the

While It’s Hot: With the Right Business Approach, Selling Nitrogen Can Pump Up Profits

For the past five or so years, suppliers of nitrogen-inflation equipment have made serious claims. Compared to moisture- and dirt-laden compressed air, nitrogen – a dry, inert gas – runs cooler, does not permeate through rubber as quickly and does not cause rust to develop on steel cords, expensive wheels or tire pressure monitoring sensors.

A New Ballgame: With Alignments Today, ‘To Spec’ Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

A proper alignment job is not necessarily an easy task, but if you have the right equipment and well-trained technicians who know the operational guidelines, it can be a walk in the park. The plan is to give your customers the longest tire life possible. But when it comes to delivering a customer-oriented alignment, are

Mighty Mites: Don’t Slack Off When it Comes to Tires for Small Commercial Trucks

Light duty trucks may well be the ultimate multi-purpose vehicles. Normally defined as trucks with GVW ratings up to 10,000 lbs., this breed of commercial vehicle can include trucks up into Class 3 and 4 offerings. Most of these trucks are designed primarily for personal use such as suburban utility, trailer towing and weekend home