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How Much is Your Business Worth?: A Solid Valuation is Important to Growth Potential and Your Exit Plan

Can you answer that question? Perhaps not, but I’ll bet you know how much money is in your wallet. That’s because you wouldn’t dream of managing your day-to-day financials without knowing how much cash you have on hand. And, the same is true for running your business. You can’t possibly operate a business worth hundreds

Gas Bags & Gas Costs: Rolling Resistance Study Lacks Key Answers to Obvious Questions

Government reports always crack me up. Eating too much of something is bad. Talking on your cell phone while driving is bad. Wearing a seat belt is good. For the countless billions spent, these “discoveries” should elicit at least a “Huh, that’s interesting!” before we scarf down another Big Mac while driving without seat belts

Public Service: Educating Consumers About TPMS is the Biggest Challenge

Com·mu·ni·ca·tion 1. The exchange of information between individuals, for example, by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior Bart Cavin is general manager of Ken’s Service Center’s three stores in two suburbs southwest of Baltimore – Columbia and Hanover. Combined, they provide tires and service in 26 bays at

Breaking Ground: Service, Real-World Experience Defines Success in Skid-Steer Tire Market

Perhaps the most versatile of all earthmoving equipment, skid-steer loaders have hundreds of applications – excavation, grading, general construction, demolition, recycling, mining, road repair, landscaping, agriculture, snow removal and more. That versatility ensures that there will always be a steady need – and profit opportunity – for tire dealers that sell skid-steer tires. At Maxxis

Gun Control: Compressed Air Can Be a Deadly Weapon in the Wrong Hands

Did you ever grab the air hose to clean off your workbench? Did you feel a little embarrassed when you were engulfed in a cloud of choking dust? Lots of us have, including me – when I was a kid. That’s when the older guys started telling me stories about the dangers of compressed air.

Push the Envelope: Master the Performance Upsell By Knowing About Offsets

“Upsell.” This might be a new word for you or your staff. Or, perhaps your staff has been trained on upselling techniques, and this term is nothing new. In any case, if you want to increase your average sales ticket, there are opportunities that you should look into that will allow you to sell a

A Dangerous Game

How many things can go wrong in one day? Thousands, if you consider that every single thing you do – from brushing your teeth to placing that long overdue call to your accountant – has one of two possible, if relatively minor, consequences. But in any given day, how many actions taken by you and

Fitment Blues: Seven Real-Life Cases Show You How to Handle ‘Common’ Tire/Wheel Problems

You must have at least one employee with some basic knowledge of custom wheels and non-OE high performance tires, even if you don’t sell them. Why would you want to know about something that you don’t sell? First, if you’re not selling custom wheels, you’re missing a huge profit opportunity. Even then, you will certainly

Many Alternatives to Tire Fuel Economy

As record-high fuel prices continue to impact the bottom lines of all types of trucking operations, fleet managers are taking a much closer look at all of the factors that contribute to fuel efficiency. One significant part of the miles per gallon equation is tires, and, as a sizable aspect of any fleet’s costs, maximizing

The Heat is On

Many factors combine to increase temperatures that tires must endure. Proper inflation is the lifeblood of tire durability. Modern radials perform admirably in demanding, high-speed, line-haul service when properly maintained. That wasn’t always the case. In the latter days of bias-ply truck tires and even during early generations of line-haul radials, excessive heat was touted