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Will the Real Cost-Per-Mile Step Forward?

h3>Blame the Bean Counters Why, then, is there such great disparity in total tire costs cited by various fleet managers? The most obvious answer is that not everyone does an equally outstanding job of addressing, or executing, the basics. Larger differences, however, can run much deeper and in most instances can be traced to –

Performing Performance Repairs

Performing Performance Repairs Road hazards are a daily danger for all types of tires regardless of their speed rating, design or what kind of vehicle they’re mounted on. Nails, screws, rivets, pieces of wire, broken glass, shards of metal, sharp stones and anything else that ends up as debris on a road surface may, under

Net-Working Tire Dealers and the Internet

Net-Working Tire Dealers and the Internet The Information Superhighway is not really a highway at all, and some would argue that it’s far from super. What it is, is the Internet, a collection of circuits and relays, information and Web pages, tying people all across the world together through phone lines. It is, arguably, the

Dealer Diary

Dealer Diary For the past two years, Tire Review has brought you Dealer Diary, a monthly series that focuses on typical tire dealers and the ins and outs of their business.This year, we’re profiling someone whose primary focus is customer service – Barry Steinberg, owner of Direct Tire and Auto Service, headquartered in Boston. By