March 2020 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
Better Engines Need Better Filters

Neglected oil change intervals can ruin even the best engine oils and filters.

Complete Wheel Bearing Service

Hub assemblies and bearings can develop excessive endplay or a growling noise that can affect vehicle handling or alignment.

The Never-Ending Quest to Improve Fuel Efficiency

If a tire is built with the singular goal of being as fuel-efficient as possible, it is probably not going to be at the head of its class in some other areas of design, such as durability and longevity.

OE Trends Edge Out Traditional HP Segment

As OE manufacturers continue to look to differentiate their vehicles with performance packages and larger wheels, the traditional “high performance” segment is disappearing.

Valve Corrosion During Winter Wheel Changeover

Many OEMs recommend changing the TPMS service kit every time the tire is removed from the wheel.

Evaluating Tire Changers

Buying a new tire changer means taking stock of what you have, assessing what you’d like your shop to be able to do and gauging the tire volume you’d like to service in the future.

Delivering Remarkable, Memorable Service

Costco wants to eat your tire and service dollars for lunch. Tire Review Editor Mary DellaValle provides tips to give your dealership the upper hand.

Business Health Check: What to Examine Every Year

Just as everyone should see his or her physician for an annual check-up, it makes sense to do the same for your business.

Executive Interview: Yokohama President Jeff Barna is Taking the Company Back to the Future

Yokohama President Jeff Barna sat down with Tire Review to talk about releasing nine new consumer products in 2019; tire technology; the future of the tire industry; and how Yokohama plans to take care of dealers through 2020 and beyond.