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Exploiting SmartWay

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the U.S. EPA’s SmartWay program. This “unique collaboration” between freight shippers, fleets and logistics companies focuses on improving “fuel efficiency and reduced emissions from freight transport.” To do so, though, it relies heavily on voluntary action by all parties, particularly those that produce truck components and accessories that

Under The Gun…Literally?

Note from the editor: This story is based on an actual case history. We’d like to hear from you. Tell us…how would you handle things if a customer arrived at your shop under questionable circumstances? Send your comments to Editor Jim Smith at [email protected].   I glanced up at the plastic clock nail­ed above the

Why Do Ball Joints, Tie Rods and Control Arms Wear Out?

Humans and animals have had the ball and socket joints for millennia. This simple design has been used on vehicles since the turn of the century because, well, it works. But, just as our hip joints grow feeble with use and age, the ball joints, tie rods and sway bar links on a car wear

Treading Close to Limits

At what tread depth should tires be taken out of service? For a long time, the standard answer has been 2/32-inches, but some in this industry are pushing for 4/32-inches. For good reason. In Europe, the conversation has gotten pretty heated among tire manufacturers. Here, it is a barely audible conversation. So it comes down

Sell Value or Pay the Price

Tire and auto service businesses lose substantial dollars in revenues and profits each year because their sales and service people do not effectively sell the value of their product and service offerings. If you have employees regularly interfacing with customers in a sales capacity, it’s a safe bet your business is not immune to this

Offering a Value

The private brand tire segment has seen its marketshare fall throughout the 2000s as a result of a hurting tire industry stricken by global recession and additional duties placed on passenger tires imported from China. Although the segment has seen better days, it adapted to market pressures and restructured itself. Despite pressures, private branders reacted

Millennials: The New Agents of Change

How to reach the next generation of consumers and keep your Gen Y employees.

Fleming Tire & Auto Service

Fleming Tire & Auto Service is a business that has literally risen from the ashes. The late Art Fleming started the tire shop, which is located in Mars, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh, in 1955 as a simple recap tire shop. Shortly after Fleming began selling new tires in 1974, a devastating fire destroyed the

Essential Tools for Keeping Vehicles in Top-Notch Condition

In the modern era of reduced vehicle maintenance requirements, it’s easy to develop a complacent attitude toward selling automotive chemicals. But, in our current market, automotive chemicals have become far more than just “snake oil” or “mechanic in a can” products. On the contrary, many are essential tools for keeping a modern vehicle in top-notch

Breaking Down Total Tire Cost

Commercial fleets measure the success of their tire program primarily through the cost/mile metric. One might think that the cost/mile metric would be a simple calculation, but it is quite a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of all the pieces and parts. The process begins with the purchase of a new tire. The

Diagnosing Vibration Issues

I spent many years managing a wheel repair shop where our primary business was straightening wheels that had been bent. Many of our customers came to us by way of other tire dealers, where their tire techs had identified an issue and referred the customer to us for repair. One problem that we often encountered