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Pirelli Unveils 2012 F1 Tire Lineup in Global Event

By any measure, there is no bigger auto racing stage than Formula One. Bar none. It also is the most expensive form of motorsport in the world. Each team, depending upon how competitive it wishes to be, can spend anywhere from $120 million to $190 million per year. That tidy sum covers things like required

The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had

Top tire dealers share that one brilliant idea that shaped their success.

High Demand, Changing Trends in Giant OTR Segment

Strong demand for the tires that are vital to the global mining industry can indeed be viewed as a positive indicator, but it also can mean shortages in certain sizes that equipment manufacturers, tiremakers and tire dealers all must tackle.

Balance, Runout and Maximizing Tire Miles for Fleets

Irregular wear will increase when tires are out of balance, out of round, or not running true. With the price of tires continuing to rise, trucking fleets do not want to see their tire budgets go off the charts because of early tire removals.

Other Energy Options Sought as the End of TPMS Battery Life Nears

First generation TPMS sensors are nearing the end of their battery life, so it’s a perfect time to take a look at the new technologies being developed to increase TPMS sensor service life without compromising performance.

The Power of Assessing Power Steering Complaints

Steering complaints can be among the most difficult to diagnose, so let’s take a look at how we can leverage better diagnostics to become more efficient and effective.

Follow These Two Rules to Maintain a Customer-Centric Focus

In order to achieve ultimate success, tire dealers must ensure all their systems, processes, programs, policies, procedures and initiatives are properly aligned to focus on improving the customer experience. A major part of this accomplishment is to make certain all employees consistently execute customer-focused behavior. The following are the two most important rules of achieving

Appeal to All Senses All the Time to Keep Customers

The independent tire dealer is always facing tough competition. Major tire chains, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs drive a hard bargain and claim a volume award when it comes to new tire sales.  So how can an independent tire dealer stand out among his or her peers to appeal to consumers on the same level?

Bridgestone’s Sports Marketing Soars With Super Bowl Activity

As the official tire of the NFL, NHL and the PGA Tour – and being involved in connected events – Bridgestone Americas certainly has a number of major opportunities to showcase itself in the most highly visible sports arenas in North America. One of those “connected events” is perhaps the single biggest sporting event in

Product Spotlight: Vehicle Lifts

With many options to choose from – two-post, four-post, scissor, in-ground, above ground – selecting the right vehicle lift for your dealership can require a bit of research. Luckily, the features and benefits of lifts keep improving. Focus on features that will boost ease of use for technicians, saving time and boosting efficiency. installed just

Hankook Addresses Shortcomings, Promises Bright Future at 2012 Meeting

While recognizing its dealers for helping reach record annual sales, Hankook officials made it plain that they recognize both the tiremaker’s shortcomings and what it will take for it to reach its future goals.

Goodyear Recaps Recent Successes, Outlines Goals at Annual Meeting

The 2012 Goodyear Dealer Con­ference was just more of the same: straightforward, devoid of major direction shifts, lacking in drama, and short on heavyweight sub­stance. It even had shorter, snappier presentations.And the dealers in attendance couldn’t be happier. Sure, a fistful of new products took their bows and recently installed North American Tire unit president