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Learning the Terminology is Key to Selecting the Correct Chassis Part

The best method of selecting the correct chassis part is to use the correct chassis terminology. In many cases, parts professionals and automotive technicians should consult illustrations that are included with most cataloging to ensure the part will perform the desired function.

Product Spotlight: Oils and Lubricants

If auto service is a big part of your tire dealership’s business, it is important to stay current with the latest product offerings in oils and lubricants. The use of synthetic base motor oils has become more common, and offering premium lubricants can be one way to differentiate your oil changes from the competition’s. Often,

December 2011 Sales Intelligence

Covering Boston, Mass.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Des Moines, Iowa; Indianapolis, Ind; Miami, Fla.; and Seattle, Wash., retail tire markets during the period of Nov. 18 to Dec. 1.Tire Review and InteliChek present up-to-date tire and service price information from U.S. metropolitan areas. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection of independent tire dealers,

Shandong Linglong Tyre Seeks Expansion in N.A. Market

Shandong Linglong Tyre Co. started life in 1975 when China and Chinese businesses remained a huge mystery to outsiders. Mao Zedong was still alive and leading the country, and only recently had Western leaders visited the country. The state-owned Zhaoyuan Tyre Manufacturing & Repairing Plant was officially established in Shandong prefecture, with the primary aim

Give Returning Vets – and Yourself – a Break With the Hire Heroes Act

f 2011. President Obama signed the bill into law on Nov. 21, and now servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will have a leg up on gaining well-deserved (and hopefully good paying) employment upon their return. TIA was a strong backer of the VOW to Hire Heroes Act, which encourages businesses to hire

2011 SEMA Show Wrap Up

Missed this year’s Global Tire Expo/SEMA Show? Tire Review has you covered – with the latest news and announcements, plus the hottest new tires and equipment, straight from the show floor.company’s Affiliated Dealer Program and is widely considered as a key player in Bridgestone/Firestone Inc.’s – and the Firestone brand’s – survival from the Ford/Firestone

2011 SEMA Product Showcase

ABC Group is marketing RIMLiner, described as an impervious band that fits across the interior of a wheelSchrader introduced an additional programming option for its EZ-sensor technology. In addition to its handheld programming tool line, the Bartec TPMS Programming Accessory Device (TPMS PAD) is designed to make programming, replacing and relearning TPMS replacement sensors quick

How to Avoid Brake Pad Installation Errors

Brake pads are most often returned because they lack pedal sensitivity, stopping power, resistance to dusting, excessive noise or vibration, or resistance to wear. It’s important to determine if the complaint is caused by incorrect installation or an incorrect application of the friction material itself.

Computer Models vs. Real-World Tire Scenarios

Sometimes the best-sounding ideas don’t work well in the real world. For tires, this is especially true when designers have elaborate computer models to support their fledgling ideas.One of the ideas that sells well, but doesn’t work so well when driven at racetrack pace, is the “multiple-compound-across-the-tread,” or MCATT, tire. (If you have a better

How Tire Engineers Select New Ingredients for Rubber ‘Recipes’

With passenger tire sales in the U.S. reaching $21.8 billion last year, tire manufacturers constantly seek a competitive edge by delivering the latest high-tech products to technology-hungry consumers. In an age when cars can parallel park themselves and drivers can sync their smartphones to automatically broadcast music over car stereos, it makes sense. Just like

How Dealers Can Chase Down Profits in the Police/Pursuit Tire Market

To keep up with their demanding jobs, law enforcement officials need vehicles – and tires – that are up to the task. Enter the high-speed, high-perfor­ming market of police/pursuit tires. While compared to standard passenger tires, the segment isn’t particularly challenging from an SKU perspective, but dealers in the police/pursuit market must be adept at

Your Business’ Spokesperson: Putting Your Face and Voice to Your Brand

Anyone who has been around our industry more than just a few years has seen how dramatically customer interaction has changed. Tire specifications, features, ratings, prices – they’re available at everyone’s fingertips. People can literally buy tires and have them installed without leaving their house. A few years ago I saw a customer use his