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Industry Report

With a new three-year labor contract in hand, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. turned its attention to other restructuring issues as it works to right its financial ship. The tiremaker formally announced the closing of its Huntsville, Ala., plant, then laid off about 200 employees from its Tyler, Texas, facility.

What’s Important Now: CAMP Shows Dealers That Leading is More Than Being the Boss

Cooper’s CAMP Shows Dealers That Leading is More Than Being the BossLeft. Right. Left, right, left.

TIA President’s Agenda

Focused on ValueStrat Plan Will Help Industry, But TIA Needs Member SupportAs incoming president of the Tire Industry Association (TIA), I look forward to continuing TIA’s total focus on "adding value to your business."

Another Twisted Tale

 We Americans love to twist the words we think we hear to suit our sensibilities.  Politicians understand this, which is why they speak in sound bites. American media does its part by clouding the facts of the news with buzzwords and hype, scaring instead of informing, stretching reality to suit what sells. "Must see" news

Poised and Ready: With OE Presence and R&D, ‘Quiet’ Hankook Looks Forward

Jin W. (J.W.) Choi became president and CEO of Hankook Tire America Corp. in 2001, capping a career with Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. that began in 1975. Choi served in a wide variety of management positions for Hankook Tire Co., including international assignments in Iran, Germany and the U.S. Prior to his current assignment with

Handling an Issue

If you’re a car enthusiast, or at least spend some time reading the promotion- al material selling high performance passenger vehicles, it’s hard to miss the importance placed on tires and wheels in achieving outstanding cornering and crisp response. The tire contribution in what truly is a multi-faceted handling equation is further underscored weekly at

Peace and Quiet

. Tire lugs are dead giveaways. Even someone with trifocals can see the difference. You’ve also become pretty good at explaining tread life differences between tires by using the UTQG. Or at least using treadwear warranties. But what do you say to a valued customer who is complaining about noise? "I have a noise in

The Year-End Push

Over the last couple of months, we’ve brought you many fresh ideas and products that can help increase your sales and enhance the appearance of your store. This month, let’s take a look at what’s selling ®“ before winter and the holidays slow the performance tire and wheel business down. First, it’s back to school,

Faster and Even More Furious

  UHP BUSTS THE SOUND BARRIER Many of you reading this article are probably standing in the middle of the ITE/SEMA Show floor. Or soon will be. Around you are acres and acres of performance tires mounted on bright, shiny wheels. Huge diameters and short sidewalls. Practical performance and radical cosmetics. It’s not just that

Those Nasty Bugs: Protect Your Computer System from Infection

Protect Your Computer System from Infection – Or Get Eaten Alive! One recent afternoon, the antivirus system on our corporate server intercepted an inbound, virus-infected e-mail. As is the case whenever this happens, an automatic reply notified the sender that they were infected. This particular sender, completely misunderstanding the message, called to tell us that

All Torqued Up: Several Torque Wrench Styles to Choose From

Torque is what holds the automotive world together and keeps things from falling apart. Anytime you tighten a nut, bolt or screw, you’re applying torque through a wrench, ratchet handle, nutdriver or screwdriver. The harder you push, pull or twist the tool, the greater the torque you apply. If you use too much muscle, you

Ride & Drives: Looks So Easy, but More Than Just A Little Planning Goes Into Ride & Drive Events

When dealers hear the term "Ride & Drive," they tend to think of their tire supplier hosting an event to show off its hot new product. The event is usually at some nice locale like Phoenix, Las Vegas or Orlando. Generally, the colder the weather at home, the warmer the event location. And, with luck,