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Understanding Dynamic Tire Alignment: What You See in the Shop is a Small Snapshot

One of the most difficult concepts for any technician is how alignment angles change when a vehicle is accelerating, braking and cornering. And what you see in the alignment bay is just a small snapshot.

dynamic alignment angles
Proud to be An Independent Tire Dealer: Chip Wood & Steven Wood, Tire Discounters

When William “Chip” Wood opened his first tire shop in 1976 in Cincinnati, Ohio, right out of college, he never imagined it would grow into the company it is today, with over 110 locations across the nation.

Chip Wood Steven Wood Tire Discounters
Building the Proper Product Screen: Developing an Organized, Profitable Approach to Sales

Today, the computer screen has become the product screen. See how you can best optimize it for positive customer interaction.

Build Product Screen Tire Shop
Tire Industry Disruption Without Being Disruptive | In Perspective

In this age of disruption, those that come out ahead are the ones open to new ideas, who plan, act and fail fast. In other words, the ones that go slow enough to win.

Richard Petty Patti Renner
TPMS Service: Differences Between ‘Good Enough’ and Quality TPMS Solutions

Just turning off the TPMS light off sending the customer home isn’t enough to ensure a customer’s TPMS issue is solved safely.

Solving TPMs issues light
Annual Performance Reviews: Yes or No?

How many of you use annual performance reviews? And how many of you think that there must be a better way to manage your employees? If so, read on.

performance review