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Fuller Automotive: New to the Tire Game

Fuller Automotive has been a trusted name in the Auburn, Mass., area for more than 100 years. “In 1914 my great grandfather Willis Fuller transitioned from working on horse drawn buggies to working on cars,” explains Chris Fuller. Over the past century, the automotive business evolved to include collision and mechanical repair, towing service and

Cooper Targets SUV/CUV

Cooper expanded its Discoverer SRX tire line with 30 more sizes to cover a broader application range. Designed to provide dependable all-season highway traction, superior handling, and a quiet, comfortable ride, the tiremaker said, the Discoverer SRX was initially introduced in six sizes in October 2014. “We’ve introduced 30 more sizes with more to follow

Talent Development

Let’s face it, ours is a very dynamic industry. Vehicles are constantly becoming more technical and customers ever more demanding. For this reason, individuals working in the tire and service industry must continue to hone their skills to meet the changing needs of customers and their vehicles. Your people are your most valuable asset and

Walking the Social Media Tightrope

In today’s digital workplace, few issues cause more confusion than social media. Numerous laws are relevant to social media, ranging from Title VII to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to state-specific laws barring requests for applicants’ personal passwords. However, employers can navigate the social media minefield by identifying and addressing the risks. Screening of Applicants

Lending a Hand

It’s already been proven – through countless success stories told in the very pages of Tire Review – that making charity a part of your marketing initiatives pays off both in brand recognition and positive word of mouth. While there are scores of worthy causes in need of support in any community, sometimes making the

IRS Red Flags

While the IRS randomly selects returns for audit review, the agency will often flag returns because of suspicious information or deductions. Help reduce your shop’s chance of being audit, avoid these three common IRS red flags: • Incomplete or inaccurate income reports • Unusual or above-average deductions • Business losses, especially tax losses. If you

Lightning and Tires

One thing for sure: spring and summer bring storms that can be severe at times. Sometimes the storms can come together quickly making your reaction time short. This can be a major safety concern if one does not know where to seek shelter while on the property. There are times that not just you but

Mining Truck
Full Service Dealer

Commercial tire dealers who sell medium truck or OTR tires but do not sell smaller OTR units are missing out on a tremendous additional business opportunity. “If a commercial dealer wants to be a full line supplier to their customer, then they need to consider offering small OTR products, as well,” says Tim Easter, director

Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollar

Prospective customers need to see the name of your company at least seven times before they even think about making a purchase from you. Advertising is expensive, and advertising needed to reach customers seven times can drain a budget. Incorporate some of these easy actions to make your promotion efforts more effective and dollar efficient:

Hercules Shifts Expectations

Billed as “the tire you didn’t see coming,” the new Hercules Raptis R-T5 merges the best attributes of a UHP radial with a high-mileage all-season touring tire, according to the company, into a product that both challenges the perceptions of a so-called “value brand” and shifts the expectations for performance, innovation and technology. The Raptis

Rethinking the Tire Store

Here’s a challenge for you: Close your eyes and think about your retail tire space from a consumer’s eyes. Now what do you see? Is it a typical store? Does it follow the same overdone formula with a Great Wall of China service counter, dusty tire displays along the front, poor lighting and a waiting

Latest Grabber Set for August

Uvalde, Texas, might as well be the “headquarters” for Continental Tire the Americas; the company and its customers literally spend weeks there each year on drive-and-learn excursions surrounding new product launches or special programs. That’s not to mention the OEM-specific exercises and the tiremaker’s own rigid testing schedule. Already this year, CTA hosted waves of