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TPMS Tools: Turn a Dash Light Into a Profit Center

While the replacement of service kits is undeniably a small-ticket item, it is also a remarkably consistent necessity, bringing in a constant flow of profit and helping build stronger, loyal relationships with customers.

Move From Price to the Right Tire

How many times has your customer called and said, “I need tires on my loader or ADT What do you have and how much?” Yes, this is an all too common phrase that each of us responds to differently. But, your response is critical to the success or failure of the sale. This is why

Servicing Two Tire Worlds

In olden times, tire techs were tire techs and salespeople were salespeople, and never the two should meet. Tire techs handled tires and wheels (literally), and salespeople dealt with the customers (sort of). But that particular framework is rapidly changing as tire shops are trying to do more with less. As a tire tech, your

Army of Advocates

By now, you’ve been in the business long enough to know what it takes to earn a customer’s trust. Through top-notch employees, honest and thorough vehicle service, clean and comfortable showrooms – and of course, impeccable customer service – your tire dealership likely is reaping the rewards of hard work and focus. But there’s always

Twin-Tube Advantage

Twin tube shocks and struts have been used as OE on most vehicles for many years. In recent years, though, we’ve also seen more monotube shocks and struts being used as OE dampers on sports and performance vehicles. So what’s the difference and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each design? In 1932, the

Pursuit of Performance

Although they may not be talked about on T.V. shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or even Brooklyn Nine-Nine, tires are as important to a police officer as is his vehicle, gun, armor or handcuffs. The same way that these other items help law enforcement officers to do their jobs, so too do purpose-built

Dealers Tune In to Radio Benefits

Since the first radio commercial hit airwaves more than 90 years ago, large and small businesses alike have often turned to the medium to deliver their messages to consumers. This may lead to the assumption that radio advertising works – after all, longevity speaks for itself, right? – but we all know that the digital,

New Program Develops Future Leaders

Sometimes in business, it’s hard to spot your return on investment. With Tire Leadership 21 the return is right in the syllabus. Participants of the class must, upon competition of the course, deliver a proposal that will save or make at least $25,000 for their companies. However, students of Tire Leadership 21 will bring back

Pirelli Introduces Cinturato P1 Plus at Auto Show

Pirelli Tire North America used the occasion of its significant presence at the recent New York International Auto Show to launch the new Cinturato P1 Plus, a replacement market summer UHP targeting “luxury, mid-, full-size and sport cars.” Cousin to the OE-oriented four-rib Cinturato P1, the new five-rib Cinturato P1 Plus has reduced rolling resistance

The Future is Here, Dealing With the Reedros

“In the very near future, though, computer chips embedded in tires might be able to report exact real-time inflation pressures and tire temperatures. Further down the road, technology may allow for live treadwear readings and mileage projections, temperature readings at specific positions within a tire, or even early detection of internal damage that could lead

A String of Bad Luck

G -g-golly, Tooner, you’re r-right! That’s one awful sh-sh-shake!” Beanie’s eyeballs were vibrating faster than a mariachi band on steroids. Tooner backed off the gas pedal and the little Ford pickup began to smooth out. “Yeah. Every time I get ’er over 50 mph, the backend of this thing starts dancin’.” Locating a wide spot

New Faces, Fresh Strategy For Falken

The sounds of tire studs clattering over the brick downtown streets is disarming to those less familiar with the crunching gravel-like noise. But that’s a familiar reminder of spring for the residents of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland and largest town on the 40,000-square-mile volcanic island of 325,670 people – the most sparsely populated