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Do You Have a Drug-Free Workplace Program?

The Department of Labor estimates drug users contribute to billions of dollars in lost productivity and increased health care costs. According to a study sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug-using employees are also more likely to be involved in a workplace accident and more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Spring Training: Creating Optimal Suspension and Steering Performance

Springs are replaced to enhance the load-carrying or handling characteristics of a vehicle. A good understanding of how springs are rated and how they operate is indispensable for achieving the anticipated outcomes in spring modifications.

Latest ACCC Incentives Benefit All Involved Parties

Tire dealer marketing groups and tiremakers are extremely dependent on each other. Marketing groups could not – would not – exist without good, saleable and profit-building products.

The Truth & Lies Behind Fill Rates

Why are fill rates so low, what is being done about it and what can tire dealers do to help themselves through the challenges posed by low fill rates?

Ag Tiremakers Gear Up for Another Near-Record Year

After a record year in 2011, the North American farm market is still strong. Though the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA) predicts declines in net farm income for 2012 compared to last year, ag tire manufacturers remain positive, considering 2011’s final numbers – $100.9 billion, up 28% from 2010, and the highest value on record. For

Tracking Farm, Weather Trends to Meet Customer Needs

continue to be shortages of certain sizes and types of tires. This will undoubtedly cause irritation to the tire dealer who is servicing the customer. Hopefully, this is a short-term problem. It is important that tire dealers know their market and carefully plan their needs for the season. Many tire manufacturers offer special order programs

Can PSI Adjustments Fix Handling and Ride Problems?

Adjusting air pressure will, without question, change how a vehicle rides and handles. However, journalistic ethics (yes, there is – or was – such a thing) and my own moral compass prevent me from recommending tire pressure ever be set below the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. At least for motoring on public roads. Here’s my check-your-air-pressure

Finding a ‘Fix’ for Performance Tire Ride Complaints

me minimal brain function, I start asking questions: • “How old are the tires?” I already knew that with my Carolina friend. If this were a five-year-old car I would have theorized that the aging process had reduced grip. A tire is a lot like a human: It can die even if hasn’t gone very

Mode $06 Diagnostics Offer Added Insight, More Information

What’s the one thing you always want to avoid when diagnosing and repairing driveability and emissions problems? Comebacks. Nothing is more frustrating than to "fix" a customer’s vehicle, and then have it come back a few days or weeks later with the check engine light on and displaying the same or a new fault code.

Take a Deeper Look at Competition With Market Data

Staying a step ahead of the competition is just one of the many challenges that business owners face. But trying to figure out how the competition is attracting customers and setting their prices can be an overwhelming task to manage on your own. In 1997, David Swan created InteliChek, a data collection agency specializing in

Product Spotlight: Tire Dealer Software

Essential for daily business operations, software is used for everything from searching for parts and matching tires and wheels to invoicing customers and balancing the books, Good software can integrate a dealer’s operation from the sales counter to the back office – and every place in between. In a few short years, businesses have become

New Charles City Plant will Allow Mitas to Meet Added Demand

Editor’s Note: The following story by Dan Crummett is from Farm Progress Magazine Group, which was among the limited media invited to attend the grand opening of Mitas Tire North America’s first U.S. tire plant. During the late April event, the tiremaker officially took the wraps off of its new $52 million ag tire plant