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Pulling a Tire for Retreading

According to the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), experts advise that tires be pulled when they reach 6/32nds tread depth. By pulling tires for retreading when the remaining tread gets to 6/32nds instead of waiting until 4/32nds or even less, truckers can maximize tire casing life, according to some tire industry experts. “It

Mind Games: The Four Customer Types

I heard "Glen, help!" coming from the phone’s ear piece. It was a customer of mine that I recognized quite well. She was a regular customer, a good customer. Our relationship didn’t start off so well, though. The first time I remember her bringing her Jeep Cherokee into the shop, the water pump was leaking.

Reputation Management: What Are Customers Saying About You?

The Internet is often referred to as "The Wild, Wild West" because technology is changing so rapidly, it’s virtually impossible to police content, images and business practices. Well, the web just got a heck of a lot wilder in the local search space, so here is what you need to know to protect your dealership’s

Letting ‘Green’ Take Root & Grow Your Shop’s Bottom Line

Tree huggers may not have inherited the earth, but some of their philosophies have taken root in the business world. What’s good for the environment, we’ve found in a time of limited resources and profits, is also good for the bottom line. And now, staying in the black is linked with going green. But there’s

Top 50 Ways One Tire Dealership Built Green

Suburban Tire Auto Care Centers in suburban Chicago constructed a highly green facility two years ago at its Hanover Park, Ill., location. Here are 50 ways that the business accomplished it. Building Materials/Recycling 1) Recycled 98% of demolished building by sending metal to a recycler, mulching wood for playgrounds and crushing masonry and concrete for

Tools and Tips For Selling More Winter Tires

he connections – and the budget – to rent out a local ice rink, that wouldn’t provide a true, real-world experience, according to Nokian Tyres’ Bob Hepp, vice president of strategic planning. “You can go to a hockey rink to simulate a frozen surface, but that surface is polished and not what you would find

Uncover Potential Profit Sources With Belt and Hose Inspections

Although belts and hoses are still classified as expendable parts, their durability has im­proved to the point that many dealers and technicians are now neglecting to perform routine belt and hose inspections. From a historical perspective, belts and hoses have moved from a recommended replacement interval to an inspection interval. This means that, unless otherwise

Lawsuit Surfaces as Universal TPMS Sensor Offerings Grow

The automotive aftermarket has become crowded with universal TPMS sensors. The company laying claim to pioneering it all says it welcomes the competition, but wants a level playing field. For the last few years, "one-size-fits-all" sensors have been arriving by land and sea, carrying descriptions such as "programmable sensor systems" and "multi-vehicle protocol technology." Not

Lower Profiles, More Information Crowd Tire Sidewalls

"TMI!" Together, the initials once conjured up images of the 1979 nuclear reactor core meltdown on Three Mile Island near Harrisburg, Pa. Today, the letters are commonly used in casual and online conversations to exclaim "too much information!" when someone shares personal and sometimes unpleasant facts.The tire industry may want to adopt TMI as a

Tire Size Allowances: All 242/43R17s Are Not Created Alike

Pick a car tire size, any auto tire dimension. Then choose a couple of different performance categories (ultra-high performance and touring work nicely for my example) from three or four manufacturers. Mount, inflate and measure the circumference and tread width – don’t get picky, just use the same point on all the tires. Or just

Understanding and Diagnosing Electronic Brake Distribution

Say goodbye to mechanical brake proportioning valves, and say hello to electronic brake distribution (EBD), yet another electronic enhancement that’s being added to many late-model vehicles. With conventional hydraulic brakes, a mechanical proportioning valve is used to reduce pressure to the rear wheels when the brakes are applied. Inside the proportioning valve is a spring-loaded

Okla. Dealer Expands from Within by Offering Added Merchandise

etting into the cell phone business turned out to be a good move, too. Signs stating “AT&T Authorized Retailer” went up next to “tires and electronics,” and soon, five stand-alone AT&T wireless stores were opened. Gross sales in 2009 were more than $14 million. “The business is run as three separate entities,” says Don’s son,