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Last Wake-Up Call: Blistered by Another ‘Problem,’ It’s Time the Industry Takes Action

Anger. Disappointment. Frustration. Resignation. I hurtled through a range of negative emotions after watching ABC’s “20/20” assault on the tire industry. After turning the whole thing over in my mind countless times, I finally came to the conclusion that it didn’t really matter. They were right. 100% right. ABC’s 10-minute primetime pasting of tire retailers

How Safe Is Your Shop?

When I started asking dealers that question, the answers that I got were all across the board. Most answers usually started with a "yes," but after some discussion its ometimes changed to an "I think so." Finally, after digging a bit more, the response moved to an "I don’t really know." This could be a

Cool Results: Growing Winter Tire Market Offers Steady Profits

With the summer months upon us, winter tires are likely one of the last things your customers are concerned about. But by thinking ahead about entering or strengthening your position in this profitable market segment, you may find yourself at an advantage when the temperatures start to drop. Quite popular in Europe and Canada, and

Making The Grade: Proper Tools Essential for Handling TPMS Issues

Just as the sports world claims you can’t identify the players without a program, the tire industry chants that you can’t fix a problem without the right tools. The world of tire pressure monitoring systems, or TPMS, is no different. In fact, having the proper tools is critical to servicing vehicles equipped with TPMS. While

Mystifying Math: Addition to Tire Sidewalls Leaves Consumers Confused

When we bend over to read a tire sidewall, we practically need a magnifying glass to read all the information, especially on super low aspect ratio tires. Why is this? It seems we’ve added – and will continue to add – more and more tire nomenclature, all of it designed to save us from ourselves.

Weighing Options: Heavier Hybrids Require Attention When Customizing

Sales of hybrid vehicles have been increasing every month, especially now that you can get a hybrid system in many of today’s popular body styles instead of just the early models that screamed, “I’m a plastic-baggy-recycling tree-hugger!” Now just a subtle badge is about the only visible difference. With fuel costs continuing to soar, what

Tire Fill Material; Belts & Hoses

Tire Fill Material is Going GreenDecades ago, we began using tire fill in steel mill yards, landfills and other high puncture conditions. In other words, this isn’t new, but the technology going into tire fill materials is capturing the attention of environmentalists. According to one tire fill material maker, the environmental impact of its filled

Temporary Gains: April’s Uptick Showers Don’t Bring May Sales Flowers

Dealer comments and survey results this month continue to reflect increased concerns over the economy. Fuel prices are the biggest issue, with more than 60% of independent tire dealers specifically naming the price of gas as their top concern. With this growing concern in mind, tire and service sales at our panel of more than