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Spectacular Showrooms

These days, when it comes to showrooms and customer lounges, there’s a lot of potty talk going on. But, it’s not what you might think. Tire dealers are literally cleaning up their act, and it has nothing to do with verbal communication. It has everything to do with attracting and keeping customers. “I’m very serious

Leap of Faith: Growing Data May Help Combat Fleet Concerns About Super Wides

Growing Data May Help Combat Fleet Concerns About Super Wides With today’s ever-climbing fuel prices, a tire promising immediate fuel savings of 2% to 10% should be coveted by every commercial trucking fleet in North America. But that’s not yet the case. Super wide tires – extra-wide, low-profile tires designed to replace the traditional dual

A 50% (Plus 1) Solution?: ‘Free Choice’ Bill Could Bring Unions to Small Business

Now that we have labor peace in the tire industry, we must turn our attention to the next big labor circus act. No, not the upcoming United Autoworkers vs. Detroit’s Big (and Nearly Bankrupt) 3 show, which opens its unlimited engagement this summer. We’re talking about the Employee Free Choice Act, a bit of D.C.

Balancing Act: Hankook Approaches U.S. Market with Equitable Brand Strategy

When H.Y. (Greg) Pae was promoted to president of Hankook Tire America Corp. last December, he brought with him the requisite international experience. More importantly, though, for a company often considered one of the quietest among tiremakers, Pae brought a strong and enthusiastic marketing background. Previously executive vice president of Hankook Tire Co.’s American regions,

Trending Downward: After Strong Start, Tire Sales Soften; Service Sales Still Up

Total retail tire units started off 2007 ahead of last year. Sales peaked in March, with tire units up 3% vs. March 2006. Final April numbers show a softening in retail demand, with units up just 1.5% over the same month last year. Click here for June 2007 charts Preliminary numbers for May 2007 show

Glass Half Full: With the Right Outlook – and Training – TPMS Can Boost the Bottom Line

In the real estate industry, experts say there are three primary issues: “location, location, location.” In the tire industry, the mantra for most installations, repairs, etc., is similar: “training, training, training!” The industry, in general, is following the mission to a ‘T’ in dealing with tire pressure monitoring systems. “Training, traditionally, has been important in

Routine No More: ‘Tire Buster’ Days are Long Gone; Today’s Tires Need TLC

‘Tire Buster’ Days are Long Gone; Today’s Tires Need TLC Tire mounting can be a funny thing sometimes. There are those among us who apply so much tire lube that a wet suit would be suitable. They slosh the stuff in the general direction of the bead. Who cares if the sticky stuff runs off

Risk vs. Reward: Selling Certain Wheel Accessories May Cause Legal Trouble

Selling Certain Wheel Accessories May Cause Legal Trouble Spinners, floaters, bead locks and accessory accent lighting. Are they legal in every state? Can the use of these products expose you to liability and undue risk? In this issue, we’re going to take a look at wheel accessories and find out if there are any problems

Cleaners/Polishes; Compressors

Simple Steps for Scintillating Wheels Everybody knows how to clean a wheel, right? Don’t be so sure. The makers of cleaners and polishes have a few words of advice, some of which are basic, some of which are not. If the wheel is aluminum, start by washing with water. Even high-pressure water can be used