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My Kingdom for $100

We’ve all played those "If I Won The Lottery" and "If I Were King" games in our heads. Come on, admit it. You’ve all day-dreamed up more than one list of "laws" you’d enact and stuff you’d buy. My Mega Lotto fantasy involves a gym bag stuffed with $100,000 in small bills, a scraggly beard,

Tangled Program Web

The question of whom is responsible – and ultimately accountable ®“ for tires and wheels in any given trucking organization is one that has been considered by the industry for decades. Answers have been varied, sometimes innovative, and often overly complex. Occasionally, the responsibility has been fragmented, resulting in conflicting rather than complementing interests. Major

Rock-Solid Profits

Everywhere across this land, men and women are turning ordinary trucks into monstrous off-road vehicles capable of tackling terrain that would make a mountain goat tremble. I recently had the opportunity to go on a trail ride with a friend, Rich Sterzoy, who owns Majestic Tires & Service in Mobile, Ala. Sterzoy started his business

Planning the Perfect Bay

eir job is to use the opportunity to make you money. OK, Now What? Once you’ve assembled a list of recommendations, the next thing to figure out is which changes will give you the most bang for your buck. Spending $50,000 on a new state-of-the-art alignment system may not be a wise investment if your

Keep A Watchful Eye

A Sharp Examination Can Keep Profits Flowing in Hard Times For the last couple of years, many independent tire dealers have been experiencing something new: financial hardship. After 11 consecutive years of growth, the economy started sputtering in 2000 and continued falling, leaving many small businesses – like tire dealers ®“ in a survival, rather

Playing to Strengths: Yokohama Looks to Technology to Bolster Its Global Position

As the man ultimately in charge of Yokohama Rubber Co. (YRC) tire efforts, Hisao Suzuki is in a unique position to see the global tire industry from multiple perspectives. Suzuki has been instrumental in Yokohama’s recent worldwide successes and growth, and in the recovery of Yokohama Tire Corp. here in the U.S. Suzuki, 63, was

Uplifting Profits

With the Right Approach, Lifts Can Be More Than Just a Capital Expense The right lift can make all the difference in your shop. Just having one can increase profits. If you’ve got the right lift for the service work you do, however, your profits could be even better. I once worked in a shop

Private-ly Niched: Specialty Private Brands are on the Rise, Filling Niches Nicely

The perception is that the private brand market hasn’t always gotten the respect within the tire industry it deserves. Not because private brand tires are in any way inferior in quality and performance. But merely because they aren’t "major" brands. As any private brander will tell you, their tires are of the highest quality, at