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RFID: Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday

In the early days of World War II, both sides were using radar to warn of approaching planes. At first, there was no way for either side to tell enemy planes from “friendlies.” This deficiency led to some major mistakes; like when an Army radar in Hawaii spotted the Japanese planes on their way to

Keeping Trucking Tires Green

SmartWay, as you know, is a voluntary EPA program that was rolled out in 2004 to promote reducing greenhouse gas emissions by commercial vehicles – primarily by improving fuel economy – using an array of means impacting tractors, trailers, engines, aerodynamics, brakes and, of course, tires. CARB refers to the California Air Resources Board, which

Are You Chasing or Catching?

It has happened to all tire techs, probably more than once. You balance a tire, put the weights on, drop the hood again for a check spin – and the balancer comes up asking for more weight. Fine. You add more weight, drop the hood and…it asks for even more weights?! This little play is

Attract Customers Through TV

Last month, we covered the relevance of radio in today’s digital and social age. But what about television – perhaps the most expensive form of traditional advertising? While TV certainly is one way to reach a large number of people in your market with a custom-tailored message, what about the growing use of online streaming,

Settled In, But Brockel is Not Settling

Little was known about Keiko Brockel when she was elevated to president of Nitto Tire USA Inc. last October. Taking over for Tomo Mizutani (who moved to president of Toyo Tire Holding of America Inc.), the former Nitto Canada president and COO of Nitto Tire USA was not well-known in the industry, even as she

Taylor Talks About Today, Looks at Future

Morry Taylor says he’s not going to take another shot at winning the White House, but he’s coy about specific plans post retirement. “I’m going to have fun,” he says, “I’ll put some money up and have a good blast.” The 69-year-old chairman and CEO of Titan International Inc. is coy about very few things.

Keeping It In the Family

The back screen door of Rolph’s Diner slammed shut as the owner/chief cook (the title ‘chef’ being far too kind for the dreck he served up) appeared in the alleyway, his battered coffee pot in one hand and a serving plate in the other. “How ‘bout a refill, Tooner? It looks like you’re gonna be

Talking to Myself About Those Missing Labels

Speaking of unfinished business, didn’t TIA say it was high time that NHTSA finally issue that Congressionally mandated tire fuel efficiency testing, labeling and consumer education program? Didn’t they scream that it was taking too long? A: Well, “scream” is probably the wrong word here, but yes, they did suggest that point. Back in 2011.

Staying Power

Principles All Tire Dealers Can Implement to Keep Good Employees from Running to the Nearest Exit.

Fighting Crime Before It Happens

Tire dealers aren’t the number one target for theft or other crimes, but that’s not to say an accident can’t happen. Secure your premises and have a solid plan of action to prevent even potential crimes from happening. Tate Boys Tire & Service shops place importance on customer service. The business is well respected, the

Press-in Bearings With Fewer Comebacks

Servicing the increasing number of vehicles equipped with pressed-in wheel bearings requires a little bit more finesse and tools when compared to hub units or tapered roller bearings. However, with the right tools and information, these jobs can be money-­makers. For example, the driver of a 2002 Jaguar was complaining about noise. The vehicle’s ABS

Prep for Winter

With summer in full swing, it’s easy to forget about the frigid winter that plagued much of the U.S. just months ago. But, this past winter had a positive effect for dealers selling winter tires, and industry experts expect this upcoming season to be another positive for dealers, as well. “We have not had a