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Show Me ‘Value’: Affinia Shift on Trade Shows May Herald Broader Search for Real Returns

Curious if the economy, ever-rising fuel costs and tough business conditions will impact the upcoming Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week – the combined SEMA and AAPEX shows in Las Vegas? The answer is ‘Yes.’ Sort of. While ‘official’ figures are hard to come by, there was plenty of physical evidence that attendance at last year’s AAIW

Business Insurance

With all the hard work and investments of time, money and energy you’ve put into building your dealership, do you really want to sit back and take the chance that nothing bad will happen? Accidents, injuries, crime and the resulting lawsuits hit all types of businesses – large and small, franchise or family-owned. Determining your

Steering Sales: Stable Skid-Steer Market Offers Opportunity for Profit

With their convenient size and ability for specialty attachments, skid-steer loaders are as necessary as ever in work sites nationwide. Perhaps more versatile than any other piece of equipment, the machines have a place in excavation, construction, demolition, recycling, mining, landscaping, snow removal and more. Even though the mini-loaders – and the tires that make

TPMS Troubles: ‘Simple’ Tire Rotations With TPMS Can Prove Tricky

Bias. Everyone, whether it is politics, labor, religion, food, whatever, has a bias. Mine is government overregulation in the name of safety. It is with that built-in opinion that I will attempt to explain what tiremakers, TPMS tool manufacturers and sensor makers want you to know about tire rotation and TPMS. The other day my

Fitment 411: Staying On Top Of Popular New Vehicle Sizes

At a time when we all need to reduce operating costs and squeeze as much profit out of every sale as we can, I’ve assembled several of the latest offerings that have a good potential of providing you with a canvas on which to add tire and wheel packages. Keep in mind there are a

Tire Lifts; Impact Wrenches

Tire Lifts Are Going GreenWhile inground vehicle lifts have long been the preferred choice among tire dealers, environmental concerns have caused many architects to recommend surface lifts. Traditional inground lifts use copious amounts of hydraulic oil transferred from an inground tank through underground piping. A leak can cause hundreds of gallons of oil to seep

Head Over Heels: After Brief Uptick, June Results Show Sharp Sales Fall 

Dealer comments and survey results this month continue to reflect dealers’ growing concerns about the state of the economy. Fuel prices remain the biggest concern, with more than 70% of independent tire dealers specifically naming the price of gas as their top concern. Translated into consumer reaction, tire and service sales at our panel of