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Show Me the Money!

Why do they always say, "It’s not about the money?" Pro athletes (and now colleges) jump ship for bigger paychecks, and think we’re gullible enough to buy their sing-song "It’s not about the money" routine. It’s always, always, always about the money. Especially for faux-altruistic lawyers like Joe Lisoni. Joe and his wife, Gail, have

What Drives Sizing

ition of rim diameters, profiles, widths or even tire appearance in some time. While attending a recent auto show, the wide variety of new tire sizes was impressive. As you might expect, futuristic concept cars, SUVs, and light duty pickups provided the most expansive array of new tire designs and sizes. Aggressive, macho and rugged

The Physics of Force

Without the braking force generated by tires, vehicles can’t stop. Well, actually they can, but it’s hell on wheels – and oil pans. Without cornering forces generated by the tire, a vehicle can’t handle. Well, actually it can if you consider a guardrail as part of a steering system. Practically speaking, without the essential physical

Fast Furious Fun

By now, loyal readers of Tire Review and Wheel Turnings know that we spend a great deal of time and effort to bring you the most up-to-date articles covering real-world performance tire and custom wheel topics. This month starts a two-part series that will showcase several tire/wheel dealers around the country who have set the

Tire Dealer Inc.: Which is the Best Way to Form Your Business?

There are six ways to form your business. Which is the right one for you? Thought about incorporating your tire business, have you? The monetary cost to do so isn’t great ®ƒ say $500 or less, according to the many professionals who would help you with this step. But it’s a major step and you

Up to Bats

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Will Keep Fleet Customers Rolling Trouble-Free Since fleets are beginning to recognize the importance of tire inflation pressure maintenance, the number of tractors and trailers inspected on a daily basis is probably as high as it’s ever been. Unfortunately, too many technicians just check the tread depth and the

The Golden Years

e owner is over age 50, that number grows to $14,000 thanks to a catch-up provision. Now the fun begins: The owner can then combine a profit sharing plan with the 401(k) and put even more money away. Yes, a profit-sharing plan does require that you put away money for all employees. That is why

Growing Up Fast: Focus on Hot Segments Helps Federal Build N.A. Business

Federal Tire President Jamie Ma is only 29 years old, but he has been relentless in working to build up the company his grandfather started in Taiwan almost a half century ago. Ma, who joined Federal in 1998, majored in accounting and finance at the University of California at Berkeley. Federal has expanded its distribution

Christmas in July: How Dealers Forecast Winter Tire Sales Before Summer

Now that it’s mid-July, it’s safe to assume tire dealers in the traditionally snowy climates of North America aren’t really paying all that much attention to winter tires. And why is that? Well, because most of them have already placed their winter tire orders, of course. That’s right, by now most dealers who handle winter