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Headbanging Over the Internet

I don’t particularly care for Metallica. But I’ve always been impressed with the band’s co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich. It’s hard to picture a devout headbanger as being bright, but Lars has proven himself as one of the most intelligent and erudite people in music today. Metallica has been a loud opponent of Napster, a

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

lectric, gas, cable and telephone providers have some specific tire needs, and the requirements may change with some evolving industry trends. Most are locally domiciled and serviced by a single shop, so inflation pressure maintenance and routine visual inspections for cuts, wear, and other out-of-service conditions shouldn’t pose a problem.Typically, the trucks are used for

The Gripping Tale of Winter Tires

It’s not a big segment of the U.S. market – only about 4% – but winter tires are a significant sales opportunity for tire dealers who live in traditionally snowy parts of the country. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, heavy and consistent snowfalls can hit most of the continental U.S. – from Nevada north

The Road Less Traveled: The winter tire

It’s clearly not a tire for every dealer. And it’s obviously not a tire you’re going to keep in stock most of the year.It’s a specialty tire, a true niche product. A hybrid created to deliver safe, reliable traction on snow, ice, slush and sleet, and handle extreme cold weather without a whimper – all

The Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds ‘The majority of people come in for both Tires and Service’ This is the 10th installment of Tire Review’s Dealer Diary, a year-long series showcasing a typical tire dealer, his business, how he runs it, the many issues he deals with, and his thoughts on the industry in general.This year’s

Getting a Jump: Dealers Say Preparation the Key to Winter Tire Sales Success

Getting a Jump Dealers Say Preparation the Key to Winter Tire Sales Success It’s triple-digit hot outside with no relief in sight. All of your bays are full, and everyone’s patience is wearing thin. The absolute last thing on your mind at this point is winter tire sales.Well, they shouldn’t be, because an effective seasonal