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You & the Law: Website Accessibility 101

If you’re not sure if your website is accessible to disabled persons, then now is the time to figure that out.

Watch Out for These TPMS Curve Balls

Many TPMS systems are more than a decade old. And with older vehicles, there can be more curveballs.

Brake Jobs on 2014 & Up GM Full-Sized Trucks

GM’s GMTK2 platform, for all full-sized pickups, SUVs and commercial trucks, was introduced in 2014 as a replacement for the GMT900. The brake system is a byproduct of what GM learned from the system on the GMT900.

TPMS and Special Tire Products

Some products on the market are convenient for drivers and service providers but can have an effect on TPMS systems. Try these recommendations to help keep the TPMS system functioning properly with these products.

Selling Smart: How Fit Is Your Customer Service?

Just like physical fitness, there are many aspects to managing the well-being of a customer service effort.

PLT Tire Basics, Part I

In the first part of this two-part Tire Review exclusive series, we talk about the information on the sidewall, tire pressure, vehicle load carrying capacity, speed ratings and more.

Four Ways to Work Smarter in 2020

These productivity hacks will help your dealership work to gain profitability for years to come.

What RFV Means to the Tire Industry, Part 1

A radial force variation issue may prove to be the cause of a vibration that won’t reveal itself while performing only a wheel balance.

K&M Top Shop Winner: Van Kleeck’s Tire Inc.

Listening to customers is key for Van Kleeck’s Tire staff that extends to selling tires on the dealership’s website because that’s what customers want.

OTR Tire Inflation Tips

Air pressure can make—or literally break—your customer’s tire investment. Follow these tips for proper OTR tire inflation.

Taking a Cue From Other Industries

Looking at the business marketplace beyond our industry can provide some good perspective and even great ideas to incorporate into your own business.

The Truth About Tire Price Shoppers

The phone rings. The customer asks for a set of tires, 225/65/R16. “I’m shopping around,” they say.