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Tire Dealers Talk Training, Talent Acquisition at Annual “Tires @2” Event at SEMA

Some of the top tire dealers in North America spoke about their operations and strategy at the annual “Tires@2” event at the 2018 SEMA Show.

Enforcing Employer Compliance at the Federal Level is the Focus in 2013

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received almost 100,000 discrimination/retaliation claims filed by workers in 2012. Here are six areas Business owners should focus on to remain compliant.

Cracking the Corporate Culture Club

Having recently changed jobs — and cities and states ®€” the issue of corporate cultures came to mind. I’ve had some experience with a variety of corporate cultures. Small family-owned companies. Large mega-corporations. North and south. Some great, others simply confounding. There’ve been countless articles about the corporate culture thing — why they are good,

Cashing in On Broadline Tires

Cashing in On Broadline Tires Everyone buys them. Everyone sells them. But nobody is quite sure what they are anymore. And it appears they won’t last much longer, if they even exist now. Broadline tires. Back in the days of bias ply and bias-belted tires – and even after radials took over – the term

Dealer Diary: Commercial Crossover

Commercial Crossover Dealer Name: Sparks Commercial TireLocation: Findlay, OHYears in Operation: 13Number of Employees: 20Repair Specialty: Brakes and springsAverage Number of Repair Orders per week: 105Tire/Service Sales mix: 80 percent tires This is the fourth installment of Tire Review’s Dealer Diary, a year-long series showcasing a typical tire dealer, his business, how he runs it,