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OK Tire’s Ed Kiekover | Proud to be an Independent Tire Dealer

What started with dismantling cars in a salvage yard, coupled with an engineer’s mind, eventually led Ed Kiekover, of western Michigan’s OK Tire, to a career as a tire dealer.

OK Tire Ed Keikover western Michigan
How to Raise the Bar on Sales at Your Tire or Auto Service Business

How do you set the bar for high performance at your tire and auto service business? Start by implementing these six tips.

increase sales auto service shop tire dealer
#MeToo: How to Prevent and Investigate Sexual Harassment At Work

All the media attention around the #MeToo movement may lead you to ask what you as an employer need to do to prevent sexual harassment at your company. If so, read on!

How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work
Setting Your Auto Shop Up for Your Retirement

Whether you are nearing retirement or have decades left, there’s no time like the present to begin forming your exit strategy.

Exit Strategy
The Real Cost of Sales Training

When asked about the cost of sales training, the real question is, “What’s the cost of not providing effective sales training?”

Sales Training
Getting Your Mojo Back: Stop Thinking and Start Doing to Build Business Momentum

Define your game, take action on those things that will move you forward, then get busy.

Business Momentum
What are All-Season Tires?

North America, primarily the U.S. and Canada, is effectively the only region in the world that currently and historically have marketed tires considered to be “all season” tires. Why?

All-season tire
Are All-Season Tires the Right Fit?

All-season tires are designed with versatility in mind. While it’s easy to make assumptions about what most customers want, digging into the details can help you make a smarter recommendation, improving your customer’s vehicle performance and safety as a result. 

All-Season Tires
Chained to the Business: Ways to Detach and Enjoy the Spoils of Your Successes

Successful entrepreneurs believe they’ll be successful and are willing to risk almost everything in pursuit of making a living. What they often don’t think about is the time involved in running the business.

Chained to the Business