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A Look Inside Two Tire Dealerships’ Drug Policies

Bud’s Tire and Wheel and Dunn Tire share insight into their dealerships’ drug policies.

Proud to Be a Tire Dealer: Rick Lang

When Rick Lang decided to start his own wholesale business, it wasn’t about selling more tires. Lang’s vision was to create a business, and meaningful relationships, that offer tire dealers much more.

UHP Tires: Beyond Summer

New technology drives UHP tire sales and brings in new customers.

Scrub Radius and Alignments

Custom wheels and oversized tires can look good and give a vehicle a unique appearance. But it’s what you can’t see that can become really ugly, especially if the alignment and suspension angles have become altered in the installation process.

Sales Lessons from SEMA

Tradeshow tips to help better your business.

Monitoring Employees

Protect your business interests, while maintaining workplace privacy.

How to Be Persuasive

The competition for consumer attention can be overwhelming, here’s how romance the customer into action.

Assuming the Sale

Looking to increase sale performance? Teach your employees to assume the sale.

Michelin Launches Pilot Sport 4S

Hurtling through the desert, a caravan of high performance cars – Mercedes-AMG E63s, Ferrari Californias and Audi R8s – chase down the California Highway Patrol. Fast cars pursuing a cop at speeds of more than 120 mph seems a bit backward, but this rapid drive was facilitated by Michelin North America.

Drugs in the Workplace

As states legalize marijuana use and heroin addiction reaches epidemic levels, shops are pressed to balance a shrinking supply of employees and technicians with an increase in illegal – and legal – drug use. This 420, get a handle on employees and drug use in the workplace.

Good With the Ladies

Why women matter to your 2017 growth.

Passion, Partnerships Highlight K&M Annual Dealer Meeting

In January, hundreds of tire dealers within the Mr. Tire/Big 3 Tire network gathered in Overland Park, Kan., for the 2017 K&M Tire Trade Show and Dealer Conference.