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Bast Tire & Auto Service Ltd.

Many business owners will tell you one key to success is having an exceptional workforce and Bast Tire & Auto Service Ltd. own­er Wayne Moser agrees. “As you grow, you have to realize that you can’t be in all places and you have to count on your leadership who will help you accomplish the things

Bast Tire and Auto Service Ltd
Time, Money & Space

What is your dealership ‘paying’ you?

The Cool Cat in the Mirror

When it comes to diagnostics, what you see is’t always what you get.

Starting to See Some Light

A new Springsteen album is always cause for celebration, and his latest is a mix of new, re-polished older songs and covers. In total, “High Hopes” is a cautionary counter to the foreboding “Wrecking Ball.” Just enough optimism to make you feel like everything will be OK. Just enough warning to keep you alert. The

Reduce Risk Mounting Tires

Pre-service wheel auditing stops damage arguments before they start, keeps customers happy.

Make Loyal Customers: Rewards Bring Rewards

Put a customer-keeping cherry on top to keep your best, most loyal customers more loyal.

Fuel Efficiency: Low-Rolling Resistant Tires

Using low-rolling resistant tires truly affects a fleet’s bottom line.

Building A Hybrid Service Industry

In 2012, Matt Curry, former owner of Curry’s Auto Service shops in Virginia and 2009 Top Shop finalist, founded The Hybrid Shop to solve an emerging problem in the growing hybrid automobile market. “The only solution for hybrid vehicle owners experiencing poor vehicle performance is to go to the dealer and have the battery replaced,”

Advantages of Twin-Tube Shocks

Twin-tube shocks and struts have been used as original equipment on most vehicles for many years. Recently, we’ve seen more monotube shocks and struts being used as OE dampers on sports and performance vehicles. So, what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each design? We’ll take a look at twin-tube shocks and struts to

After Spurt, K&M Shifts Focus to Improve

Back in 1970, Ken Langhals never dreamed that one day he would be hosting a dinner for 600 people. The early years, he’ll recall, were about hand-to-mouth survival. Now he puts food on the table for some 400 employees. K&M Tire’s focus today is on “continuous improvement of planning, product, service and marketing” to provide

Seven Easy Ways to Add Sales from Best One Tire & Service’s John Miller

In his financial seminar for K&M Tire dealers, John Miller, director of retail for Best One Tire & Service, offered these business-building suggestions: Improve phone skills and convert one additional call per week: Add $14,200 in new annual sales. Ask every customer about how well their wipers worked the last time they used them: Add $8,000

John Miller
5 Questions With … Paolo Ferrari, chairman and CEO of Pirelli Tire North America

Pirelli Tire North America chairman and CEO Paolo Ferrari spoke with Tire Review at February’s Aston Martin On Ice event in Crested Butte, Colo. Ferrari gave us an in-depth look at the work he’s undertaken over the past two years and what the future holds for the company. TR: You’ve been optimistic about the U.S.

Paolo Ferrari