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Product Spotlight: Tire/Wheel Balancers

The latest tire/wheel balancers feature premium software and precise measuring for fast and accurate balancing. LCD screens and automatic settings save time and maximize productivity. The latest balancers also eliminate friction and feature specially designed gears that make loading and unloading easier on users. Here are several options: Bee LineBee Line’s Smart Balancer II is

K&M Tire Marks Growth With Expanded Annual Meeting

K&M Tire has slowly grown from a small two-bay retail store founded in Ottoville, Ohio, to become one of the nation’s largest regional tire wholesalers.

Decreased Traction Culprits

Uncovering the “honest truth” behind customers’ loss of grip complaints regarding their tires.

2012 TPMS TSBs in Review

A quick review of the top technical service bulletins on TPMS service issues from all the automakers.

Suspension and Steering System Maintenance

The most noticeable symptom of spring wear is a sagging suspension system or uneven vehicle ride height. Less common are springs that break due to metal fatigue or to a stress riser caused by corrosion or physical damage on the spring’s surface.

Fuel-Efficient Tires are Here to Stay

Both consumers and automakers are expressing a demand for low rolling resistance and other fuel-efficient considerations. But how are manufacturers experiencing and dealing with the trend?

Tire Labeling ABCs

The new national tire fuel efficiency consumer information program for replacement tires – which includes a new tire labeling system – is looming. Here’s what you need to know to prepare for the change.

February 2013 Sales Intelligence

Covering Bismarck, N.D.; Cleveland, Ohio; Concord, N.H.; Little Rock, Ark.,; Los Angeles, Calif.; and Winston Salem, N.C., retail tire markets during the period of Jan. 7-16, 2013.

Feeling the Pressure

A stubborn TPMS problem is resolved with a quick scan tool solution

It’s Just a Numbers Game

The “creeping normalcy” of change is taking the heart, soul and backbone out of the tire business.

The Future of Digital Media

Know where the digital marketplace is heading in order to create the ideal plan for your shop.

Traditional Values, New Ideas Combine for Success

Founded in 1972 in Birdsboro, Pa., CJ’s Tire & Automotive has been a leader in tire retail and automotive services in the mid-Atlantic region for more than 40 years.