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Wet Traction Relies on Where the Rubber Meets the Road

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Goodyear’s Aquatred, considered to be the industry’s breakthrough rain tire. After decades of industry attempts, that tire’s introduction finally elevated the importance of a tread pattern’s contribution to wet traction performance with its aqua channel design and accompanying water pump action.Rubber compound advancements have emerged alongside ongoing tread

Golf Course Tire Growth Slowed by Decline in Play

After a slump in 2009 and another slow year in 2010, it appears golf course business in the U.S. has scored a double bogey as of late. While the numbers may vary by geographic location, overall total rounds played in 2010 were down compared to the year before – a drop of 2% for public

Is TPMS a Headache or Opportunity?

d see the value in the work performed. Rohlwing: Customers don’t understand and dealers need to explain. We should position the light being on as a good thing. It’s a signal that tells the driver that something is wrong and it needs to get serviced. Take the positive role and tell them how it works