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5 Questions With – Rick Brennan

We caught up with Rick Brennan, Kumho Tire USA’s vice president of marketing, during the company’s recent dealer meeting in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Q: This morning you were talking about opportunities outside the traditional tire dealer channel. What specifically are you looking to do distribution wise? A: We don’t have any plans to jump

Creating a Buzz: Shatter Expectations to Keep Customers Coming Back

Operating any business in today’s economic climate certainly brings with it many challenges. But tire dealers are met with a unique set of hurdles, not the least of which is consumers’ tightened budgets. You’ve probably been met with many customers who are trying to stretch their money – those driving on tires that are well

Forward Together: Toyo’s Yoshimoto and Takagi Discuss Bridgestone Partnership

At the 2008 SEMA Show, Tire Review had the opportunity to interview Masaharu Yoshimoto, then president and CEO of Toyo Tire USA Corp., and Yasushi Takagi, then executive vice president and COO of Toyo Tire USA Corp. Shortly after the show, Yoshimoto was promoted to president and CEO of Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc.,

Downward Turn: Small OTR Market Sees Sales Slump, Overcapacity

Not that many months ago, the OTR market – small and giant tires – was flying high, burdened with lengthy backorders that kept prices up and production humming. Tires were hard to come by, a happy problem the industry enjoyed for half a decade. The global financial crash and burn – complete with sharp downturns

Our Better Angels: In These Tough Days, Dealer Greatness Needed More Than Ever

It’s not hard, as one watches the warm ocean wash over a white beach (in the middle of February), to come to the conclusion that one has a pretty good job. A great one, I guess. And I do have the opportunity, now and again, to enjoy a few days of fresh, warm beach air

Where is the Bottom?: Tire, Service Sales Keep Falling, Hit New Lows

Preliminary January sales numbers from our nationwide panel of retail tire dealers indicate a continued drop in tire and service sales, a trend that surfaced in April 2008. Both tire unit sales and service sales in dollars declined heavily vs. January 2008. Clearly, consumers continue to postpone purchases. February 2009 Charts Tire Review’s exclusive dealer

The Changing Landscape

Under normal circumstances, it’s challenging enough to market your business to customers and keep profits moving in the right direction. But add to that the current recession economy, and today’s tire dealers are facing a whole new set of challenges. Even though they may feel attacked from all sides – by faltering profits, the credit

Still Adapting: Familiarity Doesn’t Make TPMS Service Flawless

As the global economy continues to affect businesses and industries, the tire industry continues to have its issues – albeit fewer of them – with tire pressure monitoring systems, especially in the service bay area. Mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, TPMS on OE passenger cars are now into their second model year

Where to Next?: Part II: Wheel Trends and Forecasts

Last month, we started a three-part series on the future of the tire and wheel industry. Tire manufacturers told us UHP demand is still rising and will continue to outpace other segments for the foreseeable future. The quest is now for the ultimate tire that can “do it all,” according to one tire manufacturer. Sounds

Getting There: Goodyear Execs Discuss Strategy, Outline Goals for 2009 and Beyond

Kramer: Through 2008, we’ve managed our production levels efficiently within the rules we have, union or non-union. Clearly, we’re making fewer tires in our plants and that has a drag on our earnings, but we’ve managed that very effectively thus far. We’re doing that to manage our inventory levels, focusing on cash. The lower the

February 2009 Sales Intelligence

Covering Bismarck, N.D.; Detroit, Mich.; Boston, Mass.; Little Rock, Ark.; Columbia, S.C.; and San Diego, Calif., retail tire marketsduring period of Jan. 30-Feb. 4. For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection ofindependent tire dealers, mass merchants and car dealers to obtaincurrent pricing on replacement tires and vehicle services. InteliChekrequests and verifies retail prices

Use POS Software to Manage Front Counter Sales, Back End Inventory

Goodpoint-of-sale software programs have been out there for a long time,but that doesn’t mean all tire dealers are taking advantage of them.With so much software training available, there is no longer any excusefor missing out on the benefits and profitability POS software candeliver. With a few clicks of the mouse, one can see informationabout a