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Powerful Stuff: Recent Teen Accident Shines Light on Teen Driving Class Column

Recent Teen Accident Shines Light on Teen Driving Class Column Your editorial (First Off, November 2007) was very powerful and struck a chord with me since a 17-year-old girl (without a drivers license) was killed in a horrific accident here the other day. She was speeding with a car full of kids and the rest

For Gatlin’s Sake: Momentum Builds for National Tread Depth Regs, But Much More to Do

A full year has gone by since we threw our support behind a national 4/32nds tread depth law (5/32nds for Class 3-8 trucks), and urged tire dealers to press their state legislators and Congresspeople to act. And I am pleased to report that things are moving.  The idea gained additional steam last year, especially after

Looking Up: End in Sight For OTR Tire Shortage, Capacity Improving

For the past few years, the OTR tire market has presented many challenges for manufacturers and dealers alike. Rapid growth in developing countries, large amounts of military orders and the soaring mining industries in North and South America have caused a shortage that affects everyone in the pipeline, from tiremakers down to end users. The

A New Era: TPMS Compliance Calls For New Products

The tire industry is now well into a new era. It may not rival the radial age, but the epoch already is memorable and some say forgettable. It’s the TPMS era. While most participants know that the groundwork was laid several years ago, the reality is that the TREAD Act’s final deadline for the “start”

Disaster Avoidance: Calm, Calculated Approach Vital to Eliminating Wheel Offs

The 2008 NASCAR season is about to start and the testosterone is flowing. Now is the time to remind your technicians that installing wheels on passenger vehicles is not like being on a pit crew for a racecar.  We all see how quickly a pit crew can change four tires, usually in 14 seconds or


Compressors Last Longer, Are Quieter Than Ever Before   At least one air compressor manufacturer, Kaeser, is willing to say its rotary screw compressor in either a 7.5 or 15 hp design creates a noise level as low as 66 dB(A). That’s a noise level they say is up to 10 dB(A) lower than its